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Women in Law Association

About the Association

WBOP WILA is a committee set up under the WBOP branch of the NZLS in 2014. Named the Women in Law Association, it seeks to promote collegiality between female lawyers through formal and informal networking, regular social events, and provides CPD education.

Previous event speakers include: Justice Grice, Judge Wills, Judge Otene, Chief Coroner Deborah Marshall, Mary Scholtens QC, Professor Margaret Wilson, Kathryn Beck, Louise Upston (former Minister for Women and Taupo Electorate MP).

Membership is not limited to those holding a practicing certificate. The name change from ‘Women Lawyers’ to ‘Women in Law’ in 2014 was to allow the inclusion of women in the wider professions where collegiality, support, and education may be appropriate. This includes Judges, Court employees, NZ Police, CYFS employees, Social Workers, Mental Health Practitioners etc.

The Association currently has committees in the following areas:

  • Hamilton
  • Tauranga
  • Rotorua
  • Whakatane

Details of the current committee members are below.

There is no charge to join the Association. Occasionally there is a small charge to attend an event.

The current convener of the Association is Branch Council Member Emma Miles. She sits on each of the committees and can be contacted on 027 366 2529 or at If you are interested in joining a committee or becoming a member of the Association, please contact either Emma or the convener of your local committee.

Alternatively, the private Facebook page conveniently provides the details of all events and is a useful forum to share information.

Workplace Issues

It is essential all lawyers work in an environment free of harassment – Kathryn Beck President

The Law Society provides practical support for people affected by any type of workplace issue. As well as the National Friends Panel there are members on each of the local committees of the Women in Law Association who are on hand to provide support if you are facing workplace issues.

Committee Members

The current committee members are:


  • Stephanie Ambler (Convener)
  • Andrea McLachlan
  • Pervinder Kaur
  • Preeya Reddy
  • Angela Vanderwee
  • Christina Howe
  • Jo Naidoo
  • Stacey Heays


  • Holly Hawkins
  • Clare Murphy
  • Jenna Heerdegen
  • Kate Ashcroft
  • Chris Fotheringham
  • Katherine Dyer
  • Sophie Harrigan


  • Kiri Tahana (Convener)
  • Stephanie Northey
  • Paula Lines
  • Samantha Northey
  • Ngaroma Tahana
  • Gina Oudyn


  • Lisa Ebbers (Convener)
  • Jude Wilson
  • Rebecca Plunket
  • Kim Johnson
  • Rachel Paul
  • Karyn Hollman

Last updated on the 12th September 2018