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NZLS CLE Ltd mediation training

After more than 20 years as an arm of the New Zealand Law Society, in 2008 Continuing Legal Education became NZLS CLE Ltd. The new company is wholly owned by the New Zealand Law Society, and the Society's board appoints the directors of NZLS CLE Ltd.

The vision of NZLS CLE Ltd is to be the pre-eminent provider of continuing legal education in New Zealand to provide professional development for lawyers by offering high quality and affordable training. In most instances, presenters are drawn from those who are among the best experienced and most knowledgeable in the profession. NZLS CLE Ltd offer education by the profession for the profession.

Part A – Mediation for lawyers

Mediation knowledge and skills are an increasingly important adjunct to legal practice. Many more clients are taking disputes to mediation (because it works) and the more that their legal advisers know about how it works the better. There are significant differences between being a legal adviser and a mediator. Part A, is focused on lawyers as mediators or lawyers in the mediation process. You will learn new skills and learn to park some skills that you currently possess as a lawyer. Part A, is about learning about mediation, identifying the learning (and unlearning) necessary to be a mediator and then practising the component parts and skills of an effective mediation. 

For more information see the NZLS CLE website.

Part B – Family Court mediation

The entry level for Part B (Family) is the completion of Part A (or the equivalent course from another provider, with the equivalence assessed by Massey University).

NZLS CLE offer a specialist family law mediation course for those who wish to practice in this arena. While many mediation skills are fully transferable there are also special features of family mediation that need to be understood and catered for. This workshop builds on the very well received NZLS CLE workshop Mediation for Lawyers – Part A. 

Part B provides further opportunity to observe a family mediation and to dissect it, and to practice mediation skills – particularly as they relate to family cases involving children. Participants will be involved in a moderated assessment exercise – where they will go on learning but also where, in one instance, they will be the mediator whose performance is being assessed. The assessment is carried out by an experienced family mediator and involves feedback on the day and a written report. This training will help to equip you to practice mediation in the Early Intervention Process now used so successfully in the Family Courts throughout New Zealand.

For more information see NZLS CLE website.

Comments from mediation training participants

That this learning was a challenge for me came as a surprise as I had always regarded myself as a lawyer who, although a strong advocate in the Court room, intuitively adopted a conciliatory style in negotiations and who could think laterally. The workshop confronted me with how deeply entrenched my legal training and way of “thinking as a lawyer” is.

- Selina-Jane Trigg

I came to the course no doubt like many others who have practised in family law for a significant period of time thinking that the course would have the comfortable familiarity because after all I had “mediated for years!”. This proved to be entirely wrong because the process in which I had been involving myself was a partisan Counsel giving the appearance of neutrality but operating under a cloak of politely moving the parties towards “my reasonable solution.”

The role of mediator is much different to that which I have envisaged because the solution belongs to the parties and not the mediator.

- Liz Jamieson

The course reinforced my knowledge of mediations and provided me with some up to date techniques and alternative ways of undertaking mediations from which I have learnt a great deal. I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives of the presenters and speakers and this made it apparent that different techniques can be just as successful as each other, and that it is the way the mediator is able to deliver their techniques and have faith in the concepts and acceptance of the guidelines that has a greater influence on achieving a result rather that the method itself.

- Cherie Hainsworth-Powrie

I have learnt many new ways of looking at problems and how to deal with them, and I am surprised that I came away from the course completely sold on mediation as a great way to solve many of our social ills!

- Kelly Hennessy

My level of knowledge and awareness of mediation issues has risen exponentially from attending the course and reading the background resources provided. The deeper knowledge gleaned of parties responses to conflict, the distinction between interests and issues, the skills required to move parties through dispute resolution process are invaluable, not only in any mediations I conduct as a mediator but also as a participant, either as lawyer for children or as an adviser to parties in mediation.

- Nicola Roberts

The course was intense but captivating and I personally have come away with a huge amount of confidence that I have gained some very valuable skills that others, who have not done the course, would not have (unless by chance or experience).

- Dianne Forgeson

Lawyer for the Child training

An integral part of the New Zealand Family Court system is the state-funded legal representation of children. Lawyers entrusted with these duties must possess a range of skills to enable them to represent children effectively in care and protection cases, in addition to facilitating the new emphasis on children’s participation in respect of parenting arrangements. This training is a pre-requisite for membership to the NZLS Panel of Family Mediators as it covers subjects of family dynamics, child development and interviewing children.

For more information see NZLS CLE website.

Last updated on the 11th September 2015