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Just get a nanny and an apartment in town: Why firms’ gender diversity strategies are failing
NZ Lawyer, 5 March 2014
Former Reed Smith LLP and Chen Palmer associate Tania Winslade discusses the lack of gender diversity in top legal roles and suggests it comes from a chronic scarcity of foresight. 

Finding a way through the corporate jungle gym: a young mothers solution
NZLS Auckland Branch, March 2014
A profile of young in-house lawyer Jessie Jarvie, who set up an onsite childcare centre for children of employees at Orion Health where she is Legal Counsel.

Opinion: Link to KPIs to gender targets to achieve real impact
NZ Lawyer, 23 June 2014
Law firms are increasingly moving towards introducing targets into the workplace to encourage gender diversity, and international firm Ashurst has just become the latest to join a growing list of major firms to do just that.

Women in Power: Governance, Government and Leadership
Kensington Swan, 4 April 2014
Kensington Swan recently hosted visiting international company director and former global law firm Chair Mary Cranston to talk about Women in Power and ‘what needs to change to get change at the top’.

More female business leaders needed says ASB boss
New Zealand Herald, 3 March 2014
ASB bank boss Barbara Chapman expresses disappointment that New Zealand business appears to have lost some of its early momentum when it comes to diversity in the boardroom and at the executive level.

Chill wind still buffets women lawyers
Law News, 28 February 2014
How much headway has been made for women in the profession since Ethel Benjamin joined its ranks in 1897? This article by Rod Vaughan talks about the progress made and notes that women are still conspicuous in their absence in the higher levels of the profession.


Bar pushes for diversity amid fears women are being ignored for top positions
The Australian, 22 August , 2014
The New South Wales Bar is seeking talks with Chief Justice Tom Bathurst on gender diversity amid concerns that women are being ignored for top judicial positions in Australia’s largest state. In the past two years, there have been nine appointments to the NSW Supreme Court and all have been men. 

Women partner promotions double at magic circle
Law Gazette, April 2014
The proportion of women in UK magic circle firms’ partner promotions increased to 30% in 2014, up from 14% 2013. 

Law Council launched National Report on attrition and re-engagement
Law Council of Australia, 14 March 2014
Why women leave the legal profession and do not re-engage are key concerns for the legal profession worldwide. The Law Council of Australia conducted a national attrition and re-engagement study in 2013 to obtain quantitative data and confirm trends in progression, attrition and re-engagement rates of female lawyers. 

Roundtable: Women in the Law
Law Gazette, 10 March 2014
The latest Gazette roundtable meeting held in London on 3 March 2014 focused on ‘Women in the Law’ and asked leading practitioners why the profession continues to struggle with gender equality. 

Women’s talents ‘woefully underused’
Law Gazette, 6 March 2014
The problem of the under-representation of women in senior roles within the legal profession is not isolated to New Zealand. In this article from the Law Gazette Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, a former President of the Law Society of England and Wales, calls into question why women’s talents are ‘woefully underused’ in the legal profession, particularly in the ranks of partnership.

First female law firm opens in Saudi Arabia
RT News, 3 January 2014
The traditionally patriarchal kingdom of Saudi Arabia has its first female law firm just two months after its founder and three other female lawyers were granted licences to practice. 

Germany set to introduce legal quota for women in boardrooms
The Independent, 18 November 2013
Germany is set to introduce legislation that will require German firms to allocate 30 per cent of their non-executive board seats to women from 2016. 

Unconscious bias stopping promotion of women
The Telegraph, 24 May 2013
As Lady Justice Hallett, a senior woman judge, warns the 'frenetic' pace of life holds women back, a leading lawyer and diversity consultant to the top legal institutions says there is an 'unconscious bias' against women in the legal profession. 

Women lawyers embracing power
SLAW Canada’s Online Legal Magazine, 6 December 2012
This article published in SLAW, Canada’s online legal magazine, discusses the discomfort that many women have with power, and the impact this can have on career progression. 

The Way Back
Lawyers Weekly, 29 August 2012
Kristina McGeehan-Hall shares her tips on how to make the return to work after caring for children as smooth as possible.


Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead
Sheryl Sandberg, 2013

The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know
Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, 2014 

How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life
Joanna Barsh, 2013

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