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Research and reports

Snapshot of the Profession
New Zealand Law Society, March 2018

Wage progression and the gender pay gap: the causal impact of hours of work
UK Institute for Fiscal Studies, February 2018

Delivering through Diversity
McKinsey, January 2018

Women Matter: Ten years of Insight on Gender Diversity
McKinsey, October 2017

Flexible and Part Time Work Arrangements in the Canterbury Legal Profession
University of Canterbury Socio-Legal Research Group for the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association, July 2017

Valuing our lawyers: the untapped value of flexible working in the New Zealand legal profession
Sarah Taylor, ILANZ scholarship report, May 2017

Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap
Ministry for Women, March 2017

What drives the gender wage gap?
Motu (Economic and Public Policy Research), 2017

Working Towards Gender Diversity in NZ Law Firms: Four practical approaches to achieving change.
NZLS CLE Ltd and the New Zealand Law Society, 2016

First Steps: The experiences and retention of New Zealand's junior lawyers
Josh Pemberton, July 2016

Charge out rates for lawyers in law firms
New Zealand Law Society, July 2016

Auckland Law School Gender Report
Anna Hood and Julie Tolmie, 2016

New Zealand's Judiciary and Gender
New Zealand Law Society, November 2015

Gender: How does New Zealand's legal profession compare?
New Zealand Law Society, July 2015

National Attrition and Re-engagement Study (NARS)
Law Council of Australia, 2014

Women's Career Progression in Auckland Law Firms: Views from the Top, Views from Below
Gender and Diversity Research Group, AUT University for the Auckland Women Lawyers' Association, 2014

Why diversity matters
Catalyst, July 2013

Last updated on the 17th April 2018