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Executive Director New Zealand Law Society

07 December 2018

The Law Society plays a key role in the operation of the rule of law in New Zealand as the regulator of the legal profession, as a key contributor to law reform and as a participant in the administration of justice. It also represents the interests of its members who comprise over 98% of New Zealand registered lawyers.

In the years ahead the Society will, as a key focus, support the legal profession to ensure legal workplaces are healthy, safe, respectful and inclusive so that the quality of services can be maintained and extended.  In parallel, the Society will continue to support the profession to continue to evolve its ways of work to meet the challenges of significant public policy and legislative change, the increased use of artificial intelligence and advanced automation and the changing needs of the consumers of legal services.

The Executive Director leads and manages the affairs of the Law Society reporting to the President and the Board.

Key responsibilities centre on performance of the executive functions associated with the regulation of the profession, participation in law reform and the administration of justice and the delivery of representative services that meet the needs of members. To underpin these functions, you will have a corporate services team to support your management of people, financial and information resources and to support your reporting and accountability functions

To perform this role you will have:

  • A track record as an effective leader, diverse thinker and innovator underpinned with general management skills and the ability to build an achievement focussed culture which embraces diversity and collaboration.
  • Proven stakeholder engagement capabilities that enable you to manage multiple relationships with and across the legislature, executive government and the judiciary both to enable the Society to perform its functions and to exert influence. You’ll also be able to form and maintain relationships across the legal profession, overseas authorities and other stakeholders.

A position description is available.

Applications with a CV and covering letter addressed to the President New Zealand Law Society that summarises your interests and key capabilities relevant to the role should be submitted by email to Applications close on Monday, 14 January 2019.

By applying for this role you authorise the Law Society to share your information with the two professional advisors retained to assist us with this appointment.

Last updated on the 10th December 2018