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    Practice management advice, business systems, business tools, human resources, remuneration and marketing.

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    Recent case notes, law reform activities and courts summaries from New Zealand and abroad.

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    Trends and statistics, recent publications, book reviews and legal research.

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Recent practice Resources

  • Litigation and opposition antagonism


    Litigation under the adversarial system is antagonistic. Parties to litigation, whether the issue be civil, criminal or family, are seldom kindly disposed to one…

  • Supreme Courts roundup, 24 to 30 July 2015


    Decisions, proceedings and news from the highest courts in some common law jurisdictions in the last week are as follows:Supreme Court of New ZealandCreser…

  • New legal books, July 2015


    Burrows and Cheer: Media Law in New Zealand, 7th editionBy Ursula CheerThis comprehensively updates the edition published in 2010, particularly in the areas of…

  • Queen's Counsel - some statistics


    The appointment of three new Queen's Counsel on 24 July 2015 means a total of 282 members of the legal profession have been appointed…

Last updated on the 7th July 2015