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Email scam information

  • Breach of loan agreement - Variation with Photo ID

    6 July 2011

    The Initial Contact The contact is made with an email which is sent to a named New Zealand lawyer from…

  • Email scam checklist for lawyers

    7 June 2011

    Based on information reported by members of the legal profession and its own investigations, the New Zealand Law Society has…

  • AMINZ referral email scam

    31 January 2011

    This involves an email sent to members of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ). The email is…

  • Email scams still target lawyers

    31 January 2011

    The New Zealand Law Society is warning lawyers to watch out for an email scam which involves payment of a…

  • The Business Loan email scam

    31 January 2011

    This scam starts with initial contact from a Hong Kong email address. The contact is made by someone calling themselves…

  • Police advice of email scam targeting lawyers

    31 January 2011

    "The NZ Police Financial Intelligence Unit wishes to advise of a variation of a common scam that now appears to…

  • Email scam texts

    1 November 2010

    Email scams still target lawyers Email scams aimed at New Zealand lawyers continue to appear in in-boxes. The following two…

  • Offshore cheques in trust accts

    27 October 2010

    Thousands removed from trust account Offshore cheques that get dishonoured may attract a fee of several thousand dollars, as one…

  • Lawyer email scam warning

    27 October 2010

    NZ lawyers warned to watch for scams New Zealand lawyers are still being targeted with email scams, which ask practitioners…

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