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Practising Well

Welcome to the New Zealand Law Society’s Practising Well resources. The information here is aimed at enhancing the health and wellbeing of members of New Zealand’s legal community.

Law is a fulfilling profession, but it can also be a stressful one. As New Zealand’s largest lawyer representative organisation, the Law Society is concerned to ensure that it provides support and resources to its members which assist them to enjoy a fulfilling personal and professional life.

The Practising Well initiative began in 2009 when the Law Society began publishing a series of articles in LawTalk aimed at raising awareness of a perceived high incidence of depression and stress in the legal profession. The initiative evolved from its original focus to a much broader scope, including preventative measures such as the promotion of general physical health and wellbeing and the establishment of professional support mechanisms.

Practising Well aims to provide a starting point for any lawyer who is concerned about their own welfare or that of their colleague. The focus is on getting lawyers “practising well”.


Information and resources about addiction, personal stories and suggestions for assistance.


The legal profession is seen as having a relatively high incidence of depression. Information and resources about depression, personal stories and suggestions for assistance.


Many of the aspects of being a lawyer can create stress, which can impact on physical and mental health if it is ongoing. Information and resources about stress, personal stories and suggestions for assistance.

Health and wellbeing

Resources and information aimed at encouraging and assisting the pursuit of individual wellness.

National Friends Panel

Information on the New Zealand Law Society’s professional support initiative.

Locum Service

Information on the Locum Service which is facilitated by the New Zealand Law Society. 

Last updated on the 8th September 2015