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Book Published: New Zealand Employment Law Guide, 2012 edition

Author: Richard Rudman

Publisher: CCH New Zealand Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-864759-55-9

Publication: January 2012

Price: $78 (excludes GST and postage and handling)

Pages: 462

The Author: Richard Rudman is a graduate of Auckland University and Victoria University of Wellington. He has over 30 years’ experience as a consultant, research and writer specialising in human resources management and employment relations.


This guide is published annually. The author says it is a book about employment law, but not particularly a book for lawyers. However, he notes that it is used by lawyers, especially those who are not employment law specialists. His aim is to make employment law more accessible to those it most affects including employers, employees, human resources and employment relations specialists, union officials and negotiators. The book is also used as a text for law, commerce and management tertiary students. First published in 2000, the guide outlines and discusses legislation and cases in each area of employment law in plain English. It is based on statute law at 1 January 2012 and includes discussion of cases decided in December 2011.

Table of Contents


About the Author


Chapter 1 – Employment Law and the Workplace

Chapter 2 – Employers and Workers

Chapter 3 – Employment Contracts and Agreements

Chapter 4 – The Employment Law Institutions

Chapter 5 – Employment Terms and Conditions for Individuals

Chapter 6 – Unions and Collective Bargaining

Chapter 7 – Working Hours and Wages

Chapter 8 – Holidays and Leave

Chapter 9 – Termination of Employment

Chapter 10 – Disputes and Grievances

Chapter 11 – Health and Safety

Chapter 12 – Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Chapter 13 – Information and Privacy

Chapter 14 – Education and Training

Appendix 1 – Model Individual Employment Agreement

Appendix 2 – Outline Collective Employment Agreement

Appendix 3 – Codes of Good Faith and Employment Practice

Appendix 4 – Code of Ethics for Mediators

Cases and Citations

Case Table

Legislation Finding List


This summary is intended to assist New Zealand lawyers by providing advice on new sources of legal information which may help them in their work. It does not constitute an endorsement by the New Zealand Law Society. For further information relating to content or purchase of the book, contact the publisher ( 

Last updated on the 22nd February 2012