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LawPoints aims to provide a weekly summary of important developments which have relevance to anyone providing legal services in New Zealand.

The LawPoints objective is to alert readers to something which they may be interested in, and provide links to further, more detailed information.


Each issue is sent out by email every Thursday to all lawyers who hold a current practising certificate (unless they choose to opt out) and the Law Society’s Associate Members.

LawPoints follows a standard format with information arranged under a number of headings:

  • Top Story: The most relevant story or development from the past seven days.
  • News: A list of developments which are of relevance to legal services providers.
  • Law Reform: Information on current Law Society law reform activities, including submissions being prepared on legislation and discussion papers. Details are provided on how to make comments or to obtain submissions which have not yet been heard.
  • Case Law: Key court decisions which have become available over the past week, with links to the full judgments.
  • Supreme Court: A roundup of the latest Supreme Court decisions from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Professional Development: Details of planned NZLS CLE Ltd seminars and other professional development activities.
  • Legal Jobs: A list of any advertised legal job openings.
  • OddPoint:  A light-hearted look at the legal profession.

Last updated on the 1st December 2018