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Locum Panel

Get more information about the locum panel from your local branch.

What does a locum do?

A locum lawyer works for a short, usually fixed, term. Locums provide cover in situations such as the absence of staff or where the principal in a small or sole practice may need a break for recreational or health reasons.

How do I select a locum?

The Law Society’s Locum Panel provides contact details and information on the experience of lawyers who are available to be employed as locums.

This information shows the following:

  • Locations where the locum is available for work;
  • Year of admission;
  • Areas of law in which the locum practises;
  • Whether the locum is able to practise on own account;
  • Whether the locum is a qualified trust account supervisor.

Phone and email contact details

You can contact the locum directly from the information provided on the Locum Panel page.

What experience is required from locums listed in the Panel?

The Law Society Locum Panel provides details of lawyers who are available to work as legal locums. The Law Society provides the listings in good faith and makes no representations as to the ability of the locums to perform to the requirements of their employer.

However, the Law Society performs a preliminary screening function by requiring potential locums to provide the following information:

  • Information on date of admission, whether a current practising certificate is held, and areas of expertise;
  • Declarations that the locum is entitled to practise on own account
  • Whether the locum is TAP/TAS qualified and is prepared to act as locum in a sole practice;
  • Information on whether the locum has their own transport, is willing to undertake short-term/emergency locum work, and is willing to work weekends;
  • Two referees who have knowledge of the locum’s work and experience
  • Details of two referees
  • A full Curriculum Vitae;
  • A declaration that all information provided is complete and correct.

Remuneration and other requirements

The Law Society Locum Panel is a referral service only, aimed at assisting lawyers who need locums to locate them. The parties are expected to make their own arrangements for remuneration, accommodation, office support, professional indemnity insurance, etc.

Remuneration rates will obviously vary, but most lawyers available to work as locums in New Zealand are experienced practitioners. Many locums plan on working less than a full year, with breaks between jobs. To be viable, this means a good remuneration rate is expected.

How to be listed on the Locum Panel

If you would like to register for the Law Society's Locum Panel, please complete the registration form and email to your local Law Society branch manager. Upon submission the Law Society will check the form with the supplied referees. If everything is acceptable your details will be listed.

Last updated on the 1st December 2018