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National Friends Panel

Further information on the Law Society National Friends Panel may be obtained by emailing or phoning your local branch or visiting the National Friends Panel webpage.

Services offered

National Friends Panel members listen on a completely confidential basis. They can draw on their own experience to suggest ways for members to approach issues they face and they can make recommendations about helpful resources available through the practising well initiative.

Areas where Friends may be able to provide a listening ear include:

  • Workplace issues (such as bullying, communication, workload, career advancement or other employment-related matters);
  • Financial problems (personal or firm-related);
  • Partnership issues;
  • Tax problems;
  • Trust account problems;
  • Work/life balance;
  • Problem clients, files, judges or other counsel;
  • Office management;
  • Ethical issues;
  • Health and state of mind;
  • Using an alternate/attorney;
  • Where to next in my career?

How to contact a panel member

A list of all members of the National Friends Panel is available.

How to become a panel member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Law Society‚Äôs National Friends Panel, please complete this online form or contact your local branch.

Last updated on the 1st December 2018