New Zealand Law Society - Law Awareness brochures

Law Awareness brochures

What are they used for?

The pamphlets are a useful tool to promote the importance of legal consultation in key areas of a person’s life.

They promote the law through educating the public on the law and how lawyers can help them make sure their legal rights are upheld. 

The brochures are graphically designed to neatly incorporate the contact details of a lawyer, law firm or community law centre. At the back, clients have room to take notes– making them a versatile hardcopy marketing resource.

All brochures advise that while the information is, to the best of the Law Society’s knowledge, true and accurate at a particular reprinted date, the Law Society assumes no liability for any losses suffered by anyone relying directly or indirectly on information in the pamphlet.

Titles in the series

  • Buying or Selling a Property;
  • Over the fence… Are your neighbours;
  • The Family Trust;
  • Making a Will and Estate Administration;
  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Motor Vehicles, Accidents and Alcohol;
  • You and the Police;
  • Giving Evidence;
  • Going into Business.

Lawyers Complaint Service brochures

  • Complaint Form;
  • A guide to making a complaint about a lawyer;
  • Seeing a lawyer – what can you expect?

Purchase prices

  • 10–49: $1.00 each ex GST ($1.15 incl GST).
  • 50+: 80c each ex GST (92c incl GST).

Minimum order of 10 applies. Postage and handling is included.


Community Law Centres and Citizens Advice Bureaux receive a discount of 20% on these prices.


Invoice will be sent on receipt of order.


Orders can take up to two weeks to process.

How to order

An order form is available.

Online availability

Online versions of Law Awareness titles are available. 

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