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About the Property Law Section

The New Zealand Law Society’s Property Law Section (PLS) was established in April 2000 to help property lawyers meet the many changes and challenges of law practice in the 21st century, and to support them as they deliver the highest possible quality service to their clients.

Around 4,000 lawyers throughout the country undertake some property law work, with a quarter of them spending more than half their time on property law matters.

PLS recognises the special nature of property law practice. It is active in property law reform activities, via its contribution to the Law Society’s law reform work. It also supports and assists in the professional development of property lawyers through its best practice guidelines, dissemination of topical property law information, and through its e-dealing consultancy service.

PLS has a number of objectives:

  • promoting opportunities for property lawyers to improve and maintain their professional skills and to gain expertise in marketing their services;
  • encouraging discussion and debate on property law issues and promoting best practice;
  • establishing and maintaining contact with business and government about issues relevant to property lawyers;
  • promoting the value and services of property lawyers to the public;
  • promoting the interests of the public in property transactions; and
  • providing easy access to property lawyers.

PLS also facilitates networking and discussion among members, and hosts regular regional meetings throughout the country.


Section 18 of the New Zealand Law Society Constitution provides for the establishment of sections by the Law Society Council. The principal object of establishing a section, such as PLS, is to give members, who have a common interest in a particular field of law, an opportunity to promote that interest in association with others. Through the section, members are able to discuss and debate issues of interest, study legal matters, and contribute to the preparation, and dissemination of reports, studies and recommendations.

Under the Law Society Constitution, each section is entitled to govern and organise its affairs and elect or appoint officers and committees of its members in such a way that its members determine. However, all rules or bylaws regulating any section come into force only through resolution of the Law Society Board.

PLS is governed by an Executive Committee of property lawyers, who are elected by the full members of PLS. Law Society staff provide secretarial and administrative support.



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