New Zealand Law Society - Our People

Our People

PLS is governed by an Executive Committee of property lawyers, supported by three subcommitees. 

The Executive committee provides governance for PLS and decides major matters such as strategic direction and prioritisation of current issues. It egages with external stakeholders.

The Executive committee is the link between PLS and the Law Society Board and Council. It is supported by the secretariat, which includes the PLS Manager and Law Society staff. The PLS manager oversees the operations of PLS and liaises between the Executive committee, subcommittees, Property Law Reform Panel, PLS members, stakeholders and the wider Law Society.

The Chair of the Executive committee has a seat on the Law Society Council.

Executive Committee

PLS is governed by an Executive committee of property lawyers, who are elected by the full members of PLS.

Matters affecting PLS and its members are discussed at one of the Executive committee’s 6-weekly meetings. At their meetings, the Executive committee may decide to delegate a matter to one (or more) of its subcommittees for further investigation and/or resolution.


There are three subcommittees within PLS covering Land Titles, Property Transactions and Property Law Reform. These subcommittees comprise of members who have volunteered, and been approved by the Executive committee, to be actively involved in PLS's work in particular areas of property law. 

The subcommittees perform a vital role in driving and considering areas of law reform, as well as drafting submissions in response to government bills and policy documents. The subcommittees are encouraged to be proactive in providing articles of interest for The Property Lawyer and sharing key cases and information in their specialist areas for the benefit of PLS members.

Join the PLS subcommittees

We will periodically call for expressions of interest from PLS members interested in serving on the following subcommittees:

  • Land Titles Subcommittee
  • Property Transactions Subcommittee
  • Property Law Reform Panel

Law Society Staff

The PLS manager and Law Society staff provide secretarial and administrative support to PLS.