New Zealand Law Society - NZLS AYL Ebulletin

NZLS AYL Ebulletin

The NZLS AYL ebulletin is published once a month and is put together by the NZLS AYL committee and the NZLS Auckland Branch. The ebulletin consists of photos from our past events, event updates, the month’s overview, articles from people around Auckland that are relevant to young lawyers, and any important updates from within the legal community.

In order to receive the NZLS AYL ebulletin you must;

  • Be working in Auckland;
  • Be admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand;
  • Not be practising for longer than 5 years.

If all these requirements apply to you and you are still not receiving the ebulletin we encourage you to get in touch and make sure your details are correct. It is important to remember that the mailing list for events and for the ebulletin is generated from the NZLS Register for Lawyers. Please contact the Law Society Registry to make sure your details are up to date. For more information visit the Law Society Registry page.

If you are working in Auckland but have yet to be admitted or obtain a practising certificate we do have an alternative mailing list. If you wish to be put on this alternative mailing list please contact the NZLS Auckland Branch at

NZLS AYL invites Auckland's young lawyers to send in their ideas for ebulletin content. If you know of any relevant news, events, or if you have been or are involved in something that would interest young lawyers then please send your information to the NZLS Auckland Branch at All information needs to be considered and be relevant to the needs of young lawyers. 

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