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Applications for approval

The following people have applied to the Law Society for certificates or approvals.

Any comments concerning suitability should be made in writing to the Registry Manager by the date noted.

Send to:

Christine Schofield, Registry Manager
Fax: +64 4 463 2989

Comments may be disclosed to the applicant.

The first publication of LawPoints is on 23 January 2020.  Until that time there are no applications for approval.

Admission under Part 3 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006

Names published and circulated on 23 January 2020. Comments due by 30 January 2020:

  • Abrams (née Yates) Tania Marie
  • Adesina Favour Oluwadara
  • Aguiar (previously Gabb) Arthur Vasconcelos (also known as Arty)
  • Ahuja Madhur (also known as Maddox)
  • Alam MD Monzurul
  • Alewi Safa Mohammed Hussein
  • Ali Riti Nahid Nafiza
  • Aukusitino Leota-Seiuli V L Seufatu (also Leota or Leota-Seiulu) Tarachantelle Sefulu-Lily Anne-Bernadette (also known as Tara)
  • Batchelor Jason
  • Berry Daniel Alan
  • Borich Katelyn Rose (also known as Katie)
  • Botha Hayley Louise
  • Brennan-McMahon Conall
  • Bulamba Roda Nadège (or Nadege)
  • Chan Tung (also Chan-Tung) Clevell Ngson
  • Chao Li-Ping (also known as Vicky)
  • Cheong Ming Wei (also known as Jeannine)
  • Chester-Cronin Ciara Marie
  • Chiraagh Mohammed Sameem
  • Clark Nicola Anna-Marie
  • Crawford (née Zeigler) Rebecca Ann
  • Crossley Benjamin (Benji) Ivan William
  • Cvasniuc Roxana
  • Devine Clare Margaret
  • Dick Lisa May
  • Drysdale Stephen David
  • Fale Fiemalie Pe ‘O Muimui Faka’au Ki
  • Fenton Jessica Grace
  • Fry Emily Anne
  • Ganesan Yasodhaa
  • Gharbal Aicha
  • Gollogly Fraser James
  • Goodsir Bhenjamin Elliott
  • Gribble Chantal Sky
  • Gruebner-Ballantine (previously Ballantine) Ashley Nicole
  • Guo Xuanli
  • Hawkins Melody Grace
  • Heffernan Meagan Ashleigh
  • Jackson Matthew Lawrence Maté
  • Janse Van Vuuren Hendrina Levina (also known as Handri)
  • Jo Ha Ram (also known as Ha-Ram; or Stella)
  • Kaur Avneet
  • Kaur Pannu (previously Kaur) Ritu (previously known as Ragmeet)
  • Kim Sean Sun-Kuan
  • Kints Mary Maselina
  • Lawson (also Laurenson) Sarah Nadene
  • Lee Chang Jiun
  • Leleni Sharnika Maree
  • Leutele (née Hemi) Rachel Louise
  • Lewis James Andrew (also known as Jimmy)
  • Li Taoran
  • Lipa Natalie Odette
  • Luxford Celine Sophia
  • Manga Eden Kimberley Grace
  • McNicholas Ellie Shay
  • Mitchell Liam Andrew
  • Mossman Georgia Mae
  • Nolan Lucy Jane
  • O’Connor Dannielle Helen
  • Otieno Shem Taabu
  • Ou Zhi (also known as Lana)
  • Paiena Agnes Ann-Maria Angelina
  • Palairet Jessica Elise
  • Parton James Oliver
  • Patel Urvashi (also known as Vashi)
  • Pedlar Thomas Dick And Harry William Laurie Bicycle (also known as Tom; previously known as Thomas William Laurie)
  • Prime Emma Nicole
  • Roberts Kathleen Kylie
  • Robertson Matt Wales
  • Rupasinghe Handunkutti Pathirannehelage Samuditha (also known as Samuditha)
  • Shores India June
  • Singh Reneel
  • Singh (also Stewart) Shailputri Priyadarshini (also known as Shail)
  • Spick Benjamin Revill (also known as Ben)
  • Stolwerk Ella Louise
  • Swindells Thomas Fraser Cawley (also known as Tom)
  • Thompson Sean Albert Victor
  • Tumahai Alexandra Lydia (also known as Alex)
  • Van Heeswyk Cory Tualagi (also known as Ulalei)
  • Viane Romero Noel Tobyas
  • Waaka (née Jacobs)Julie Lois
  • Wainstein Ashley Nicole
  • Wallace Brittany Leigh
  • Wright Leah Grace
  • Young (née Beatson) Vanessa Shirley
  • Yuen Felix (previously known as Yuen Pui Hang Felix)

Approval to Practise on Own Account under s30 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006

Names published and circulated on 23 January 2020. Comments due by 30 January 2020:

  • Ballinger Duncan William
  • Chambers Paul Allan
  • Colgan Andrew Peter
  • Frith Nicholas Richard (also known as Nick)
  • Griffin Jarrod Evan Christopher
  • Hall Peter Thomas
  • Hesketh Timothy Edward (also known as Tim)
  • Massey Kirsten Margaret
  • McCardle Gregory Simon (also known as Greg)
  • McKenzie-Bridle Peter Andrew
  • Morrison George Stephen Andrew
  • O’Leary Dean Terence
  • Park Roslyn Ngariu
  • Pohiva Semisi Sakeasi
  • Revell Wallace John
  • Roberts (née Webby) Emma Louise
  • Shi Jason (previously known as Tai Nan)
  • Spratt Amanda Kate
  • Sun Chuanqin(also known as Chuan Qin; Peter)
  • Sygrove Peter Henry (also known as Pete)
  • Walsh Helen Brigid
  • Woodhams Vernon Peter
  • Woodhouse Rex

Last updated on the 23rd January 2020