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Strike offs and do not employ orders

If a lawyer (or former lawyer) is found guilty of a disciplinary offence, the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal can order that they be struck from the Roll of Barristers and Solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand. The orders are made under section 242(1)(c) of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006.

When struck off, a lawyer is not able to hold a practising certificate or practise law in New Zealand.

Since 1 August 2008 (the date on which the New Zealand Law Society assumed responsibility for regulation of the legal profession), the following people have been struck off:


  • Mohammed Idris Hanif
  • Gang (Richard) Chen 


  • Frederick William Baker
  • Brian Robert Ellis
  • Robyn Philippa Joy Fendall
  • Ian David Hay
  • Timothy Upton Slack


  • Richard Henry Hill
  • Anthony David Banbrook
  • Richard James Woodhouse
  • Warren Richard McFie


  • Christopher Twigley
  • Raelene Kelly
  • Bruce Harvey Reid
  • Mary Frances Hackshaw


  • Kenneth Yee
  • Rohineet Sharma
  • Davina Valerie Murray
  • Nova Lorraine Camp (note: striking off order made by Court of Appeal)


  • Minkai "Michael" Huang
  • Christopher Knute Skagen
  • Anthony Vincent Ram
  • Ilaisaane Valu-Pome'e 
  • Shane Peter Burton (note: striking off order made by Court of Appeal)
  • Eion Malcolm James Castles
  • Richard Holland
  • Timothy Russell Sarah
  • Catherine Marjorie Clarkson
  • Shaan Winata Stevens
  • Brent William Thomson
  • Christopher Giddens
  • Vinay Deobhakta
  • Gerald George McKay
  • David John Porteous


  • John David Rangitauira
  • Peter Robert Dallison
  • Hugh Edward Staples Hamilton
  • John David Milne
  • Edward Errol Johnston
  • Tim Ban Choon Tee
  • Gregory Bryden Clarke
  • Murray Ian Withers


  • Marcus Arthur Macdonald
  • Junior Lambert Witehira
  • Kristina Gerd Haver Andersen
  • Atareta Nicole Poananga
  • Stuart Francis Pollard
  • Barry John Hart


  • Patricia Angeline Nilma Thoman
  • John Evans Yawo Dorbu
  • Brian Richard Hancock
  • Therese Anne Sisson


  • Maua James Faleauto
  • Jonathan Bruce Mathias
  • David Flewitt (note: now reinstated)
  • Richard James Martin
  • Shadrach Darren Mitchell (note: striking off order made by Court of Appeal)
  • James Charles Morris Parlane


  • Leuatea Pesata Iosefa
  • Emma Jane Garnett
  • Taasha Taupo Romana

If an employee (or former employee) of a lawyer is found guilty of misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct, the New Zealand Lawyers and Disciplinary Tribunal can order that they not be employed by a practitioner or incorporated firm so long as the order remains in force.

The orders are made under section 242(1)(h)(ii) of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006.

Since 1 August 2008, orders not to employ have been made against the following people:

  • Sarah Buschman
  • Barbara Ann Dobson
  • Felicity Blackman
  • Terry Ann Shanks
  • Sharyn Joy McFarlane
  • Sherazal Raheman
  • Hayley Anne Faulker
  • Peter James McClintock
  • Nicola Tawhara
  • Sheryl Tier
  • Toe Sega
  • Aiysha Hornsby
  • Alexandra Ruve Clare Holland

Last updated on the 14th August 2019