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LINX encompasses New Zealand caselaw and legal writing from the last 30 years and quickly provides searchers with an overview of New Zealand law.

It is a 'digest' database which summarises cases and indexes articles, and is created by the New Zealand Law Society Library for lawyers. LINX currently consists of approximately 242,000 such records.

LINX in New Zealand Law Society LibrariesLinx

LINX is available in the research library in Auckland. Most judgments on LINX are available in a PDF form. LINX is updated daily.

N.B. Linxplus (LexisNexis) is available in the Wellington, Canterbury and Otago research libraries, and all branch libraries around New Zealand.

LINX is available online through two legal publishers, each with different features.

Linxplus (LexisNexis)LexisNexis

Linxplus offers not only all of LINX but also links (for subscribers only) straight to LexisNexis New Zealand resources (such as the full text of NZLR and other New Zealand law reports). Users may also link directly to any CCH publications to which they subscribe. Linxplus is updated twice weekly.

Please contact the LexisNexis customer service team on 0800 800 986 or email

LINX (Brookers online / Westlaw NZ)Thomson Reuters

LINX from Thomson Reuters has all of the records available for searching, but PDFs are not available. Linx is updated weekly.

Please contact Thomson Reuters Customer Care on 0800 106060 or your Thomson Reuters Account Manager, if you have any queries regarding subscribing.

LINX on CD (Thomson Reuters)

LINX on CD is available as part of a suite of Thomson Reuters products, but PDFs are not available.

For information about subscribing including pricing please contact Thomson Reuters Customer Care on 0800 106060 or your Thomson Reuters Account Manager.

Last updated on the 11th April 2018