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Library charges

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Research charges

  • $17 per document request plus photocopying
  • $40 per 15-minute unit of legal research

Urgent fee

  • $22 per document requested (within 2 hours)
  • $60 per 15-minute unit of legal research (within 4 hours)

  • Note: Provision of urgent research will depend on sufficient capacity at the time a request is made

Addtional charges

Charged at a pro rata research rate of up to $40 per 15 mins for:

  • mis-cited or incorrect citations
  • liaison with other libraries


  • 30c per page (by staff for lawyers)
  • 20c per page (by user)

    Where there is no system in place for recovering printing/copying costs, library users are encouraged to make use of the facilities provided to convert the documents to an online format. If there is still a need to print a large document (more than 50 pages) then the library user should make a payment to the librarian.


No charge.

Inter-library loans

Items requested from another library:

  • $45 for non urgent interloan
  • $65 for urgent interloan
  • International Interloans: $45 plus extra charges by supplying library

Requests supplied to other libraries:

  • $20 for non urgent supply
  • $40 for urgent supply

Thomson Reuters Westlaw International / (international)

  • Copy of a case: Document delivery charge plus additional $15.
  • Research: Database charge where applicable in addition to normal research charge

Gowns for daily court use

  • Daily hire of $12 per working day

Last updated on the 1st December 2018