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Commercial & Business Law Committee

The Commercial and Business Law Committee monitors reform proposals in all areas of commercial and consumer law.

About us

The Commercial and Business Law Committee (CBLC) was established in 1989. Since its inception the CBLC has played an important role in law reform, reviewing discussion documents and bills that propose significant changes in all areas of commercial and consumer law.

Our People

Rebecca Sellers, the committee convenor, has more than 20 years’ experience acting for financial services companies both as a regulatory expert and litigator. She is admitted in England and Wales (currently non-practising), New South Wales and New Zealand. Rebecca is a contributing editor of Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance in New Zealand.

The current members of the committee are experienced practitioners:

  • Deemple Budhia
  • John Horner
  • Stephen Layburn
  • Charlotte McLoughlin
  • Nic Scampion
  • Andrew Wallace

Recent work

In the past 18 months, the committee has contributed to numerous NZLS submissions, including:

  • disclosure requirements in the new financial advice regime,
  • review of insurance contract law,
  • increasing the transparency of beneficial ownership of companies and limited partnerships,
  • the Law Commission’s Relationship Property review, in relation to creditors’ rights, and
  • the New Zealand Bar Association application for an AML/CFT class exemption for barristers sole.

Get Involved

Appointments are made to this committee biennially. Membership of this committee allows you to play an important role in commercial and business law reform and is an excellent basis for professional development as well as collegiality and networking.

Applications have now closed and appointments will be announced in September. Appointments are for a two-year term starting September 2019.

Last updated on the 30th July 2019