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NZLS Pilot Mentoring Programme interview with Pippa Hayward

06 November 2019

NZLS Pilot Mentoring Programme interview with Pippa Hayward, solicitor at Meredith Connell in Auckland

Have you had a mentor or been a mentor? Please can you describe the experience in a few words.

Photo of Pippa Hayward

I am lucky enough to have a number of people in my life that I go to for advice and who I would consider to be mentors. I have found that the key to a good mentor/mentee relationship is that it is built on trust and honesty. I also think it is important to go to the right person to get the answer that you need, not the answer that you want.

How do you think mentoring could assist /assists/assisted you with your career and personal development?

Have a mentor provides a sounding board, someone who is objective with no personal interest other than to help you. Mentoring provides an opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences.

In a recent NZLS Lawyer Survey only 36% of lawyers reported feeling well connected to others in the ;profession, and just 29% of lawyers agreed that the legal profession values diversity and inclusion and meets the needs of diverse groups. In your view, how can mentoring programmes help?

Having a person in your life that you feel comfortable talking to about your concerns, especially in the workplace, and who is going to be objective, honest and empathetic, could be a game changer in your career.

I personally don’t think you should ever stop striving to become a better person - one way to assess whether you are developing in the way that you want, is by having a person whose opinion you trust and value and who can help you with figuring this out.

If it’s not meant to be find someone else.

How can mentees drive the mentoring relationship?

Keep meeting people until you find that person you connect with. Put yourself out there.

Last updated on the 6th November 2019