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Branch history

Canterbury-Westland Presidents, 2009 -

Presidents of the Canterbury-Westland branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009):

2009-10John Woodward2015-16Colin Duncan Eason, Craig Martin Ruane
2010-11Allister John Davis2016-17Craig Martin Ruane
2011-12Allister John Davis2017-18Craig Martin Ruane
2012-13Rachel Dunningham2018-19Grant Peter Tyrrell
2013-14Rachel Dunningham2019-2020Grant Peter Tyrrell
2014-15Colin Duncan Eason 

Canterbury Presidents, 1868 - 2008

Presidents of the Canterbury District Law Society, from 16 October 1868 to 31 January 2009. Canterbury unified with the Westland District Law Society to become the Canterbury-Westland branch of the New Zealand Law Society on 1 February 2009. Honours held during a term are shown:

1868-69Thomas Smith Duncan1939-40JD Godfrey
1869-70Thomas Smith Duncan1940-41AR Jacobson
1870-71Thomas Smith Duncan1941-42AW Brown
1871-72Thomas Smith Duncan1942-43AW Brown
1872-73Thomas Smith Duncan1943-44RL Ronaldson
1873-74Thomas Smith Duncan1944-45RL Ronaldson
1874-75Thomas Smith Duncan1945-46EA Lee
1875-76Thomas Smith Duncan1946-47LD Cotterill
1876-77Thomas Smith Duncan1947-48WR Lascelles
1877-78Thomas Smith Duncan1948-49LJH Hensley
1878-79Thomas Smith Duncan1949-50ES Bowie
1879-80Thomas Smith Duncan1950-51AC Perry
1880-81Thomas Smith Duncan1951-52CG Penlington
1881-82Thomas Smith Duncan1952-53Alec Leslie Haslam
1882-83Thomas Smith Duncan1953-54EC Champion
1883-84Thomas Smith Duncan1954-55AI Cottrell
1884-85Thomas Smith Duncan1955-56TA Gresson
1885-86L Harper1956-57Peter Wynn-Williams
1886-87L Harper1957-58Robert Austin Young
1887-88L Harper1958-59George Cowley Weston
1888-89L Harper1959-60EBE Taylor
1889-90L Harper1960-61WKL Dougall
1890-91L Harper1961-62PHT Alpers
1891-92WH Wynn-Williams1962-63Ralph Patrick Thompson
1892-93WH Wynn-Williams1963-64James Rutherford Williams
1893-94H Cotterill1964-65Brian McClelland
1894-95H Salter1965-66Victor Gerald Spiller
1895-96H Salter1966-67JG Leggat
1896-97H Salter1967-68EJ Somers
1897-98TW Stringer1968-69NS Bowie
1898-99TW Stringer1969-70JE Millar
1899-00HD Andrews1970-71John Richard Woodward
1900-01HD Andrews1971-72Bruce Leslie Stanley
1901-02TG Rusell1972-73Ralph Edwin Wylie
1902-03TG Rusell1973-74Alan Douglas Holland
1903-04HJ Beswick1974-75Peter George Spencer Penlington
1904-05BL Lane1975-76Antony Hearn
1905-06BL Lane1976-77John Alexander Robertson
1906-07W Izard1977-78Neil William Williamson
1907-08W Izard1978-79Robert Lindsay Kerr
1908-09HJ Beswick1979-80Alan Francis Shaw
1909-10HJ Beswick1980-81Garrett Thomas Mahon
1910-11G Harper1981-82Peter Gray Hill
1911-12G Harper1982-83Nicholas George Clark
1912-13TW Stringer1983-84Colin Earnest Walter Averill
1913-14TW Stringer1984-85Andrew Patrick Charles Tipping
1914-15HD Andrew1985-86Ian Stewart Cameron
1915-16HD Andrew1986-87Kenneth Nigel Hampton
1916-17M Donnelly1987-88Ian Alexander Pringle
1917-18M Donnelly1988-89Austin John Forbes
1918-19SG Raymond1989-90Christopher Ardagh McVeigh
1919-20SG Raymond1990-91Allan Neil MacLean
1920-21JJ Dougall1991-92John Bowden Mackintosh
1921-22JJ Dougall1992-93Graham Ken Panckhurst
1922-23GHN Helmore1993-94Peter Wallace Phillips
1923-24FW Johnston1994-95Samuel Richard Maling
1924-25FW Johnston1995-96Nigel Dunlop
1925-26WJ Hunter1996-97Hans van Schreven
1926-27WJ Hunter1997-98William Young QC
1927-28WH Hamilton1998-99Anthony C Hughes-Johnson QC
1928-29K Neave1999-00David Tait
1929-30MJ Gresson2000-01Isabel Mitchell
1930-31GT Weston2001-02Bob Perry
1931-32HCD Van Asch2002-03Gerald Nation
1932-33AT Donnelly2003-04Kerry Ayers
1933-34R Twyneham2004-05Thomas Crowley Weston QC
1934-35CS Thomas2005-06Geoffrey Martin Brodie
1935-36AF Wright2006-07John Brandts-Giesen
1936-37AS Taylor2007-08Edward Wylie QC
1937-38KM Gresson2008-09John Woodward
1938-39JD Hutchison 

The first lawyers in Canterbury

Writing in the New Zealand Law Society's centennial history, Portrait of a Profession, ES Bowie QC says while there are some omissions from the records, the Canterbury lawyers in the first decade were Christopher Edward Dampier, Richard Wormald, Henry Sewell, JC Porter, R Pritchard and William Sefton Moorhouse.

"HB Gresson arrived in 1854; TS Duncan began practice in Christchurch in 1855 or 1856; Christopher George Hodgson began practice in January 1859; Harry Bell Johnstone in the same month; John Dean Bamford also in the same month; Charles William Wyatt about 1857; and Edward French Buttemer Harston about the same time." (Portrait of a Profession, AH & AW Reed, 1969, page 239).

Bowie says three lawyers were listed as practising at Timaru in 1873: Charles TH Perry, his brother Arthur Perry, and JW White, who was Crown Prosecutor.

Westland Presidents, 1956 - 2008

The Westland District Law Society was founded on 31 January 1879 and merged with the Canterbury District Law Society to form the Canterbury-Westland branch of the New Zealand Law Society on 1 February 2009. Early records are unavailable. Presidents of the Westland District Law Society from 1956 were as follows:

1956-57AM Jamieson1983-84Alistair David Orchard
1957-58AM Jamieson1984-85Alan G Stobie
1958-59AM Jamieson1985-86Alan G Stobie
1959-60AM Jamieson1986-87Raymond M MacLean
1960-61JK Patterson1987-88Raymond M MacLean
1961-62AM Jamieson1988-89Raymond M MacLean
1962-63AM Jamieson1989-90Max Gomas
1963-64AM Jamieson1990-91Max Gomas
1964-65AM Jamieson1991-92David Lindsay Carruthers
1965-66AM Jamieson1992-93David Lindsay Carruthers
1966-67AM Jamieson1993-94Robert Montagu
1967-68Douglas John Tucker1994-95Robert Montagu
1968-69Douglas John Tucker1995-96Martin Bell
1969-70Douglas John Tucker1996-97Martin Bell
1970-71Brian Lawrence Lovell1997-98Peter Wetherall
1971-72Brian Lawrence Lovell1998-99Peter Wetherall
1972-73Brian Lawrence Lovell1999-00Martin Sawyers
1973-74Douglas John Tucker2000-01Martin Sawyers
1974-75Douglas John Tucker2001-02Beverley Helen Connors
1975-76Lawrence Joseph Roper2002-03Beverley Helen Connors
1976-77Douglas John Tucker2003-04Anthony Thomas Sullivan
1977-78Brian Lawrence Lovell2004-05Anthony Thomas Sullivan
1978-79Brian Lawrence Lovell2005-06Richard Bodle
1979-80Lawrence Joseph Roper2006-07Richard Bodle
1980-81Lawrence Joseph Roper2007-08Peter Wetherall
1981-82Alistair David Orchard2008-09David Lindsay Carruthers
1982-83Alistair David Orchard 

The first lawyers on the West Coast

Portrait of a Profession says that Sir Arthur Guinness began practice in Greymouth in 1867. Sir Arthur arrived in New Zealand with his parents in 1852 and was educated at Christ's College in Christchurch. He moved into politics, representing the Grey electorate in Parliament for 30 years. He was Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1903 to 1913. The firm he founded in 1867, Whitcombe Guinness and Kitchingham, is still operational in Greymouth, as is Hannan and Seddon which was founded in September 1867.

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