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Canterbury Tales archive

  • Canterbury Tales - December 2019

    4 December 2019 (PDF File, 2.4 MB)

    Wine options and quiz evening; President's Column; Update from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives; Questions to ask yourself over the holiday season; Quiz Questions; South Island Devil's Own Golf Tournament 2019; Quiz Answers.

  • Canterbury Tales - November 2019

    12 November 2019 (PDF File, 2.7 MB)

    Young Lawyers' night at the Races; President's column; These two words will boost your legal career; Personal productivity; Obiter by Eason; Function at Monteiths; Local committees working hard; Update from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives; Administration wins; Do you want to be a Mentor or Mentee?; Maria Sopoaga talks about the NZLS Pilot Mentoring Programme; AML/CFT — Charging clients for compliance; Education; Your Branch Council.

  • Canterbury Tales - October 2019

    3 October 2019 (PDF File, 4.0 MB)

    The profession comes together; President's Column; Career ambitions; Forget the pecking order at work; The Legal Culture Committee; 2019 Law Dinner; Having each other's backs; Speech from University of Canterbury Chancellor Sue McCormack; Education; Dance the night away

  • Canterbury Tales - September 2019

    4 September 2019 (PDF File, 3.0 MB)

    Ashburton's Historic Courthouse; President's Column; Learn from the best; The Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal; Update from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives; Christchurch winter function; A family affair; AML/CFT — Annual reporting; LINX case summary; Education; NZLS Standards Committee: a lay member's perspective.

  • Canterbury Tales - August 2019

    30 July 2019 (PDF File, 1.8 MB)

    Amanda Smith: Layburn Hodgins' 'Digital Nomad'; President's column; The merits of public service; The theory of the dipper and the bucket; Flexible working in the Canterbury Westland legal profession; CWLA — Professional Womens Conference; Saunders Robinson Brown wins Gender Diverse Organisation of the Year Award; Richard Calvert celebrates 50 years of admission; NZLS Canterbury Westland Branch 2019 law dinner.

  • Canterbury Tales - July 2019

    2 July 2019 (PDF File, 3.1 MB)

    Improving legal culture in Canterbury Westland; President's Column; All the financial advice you will ever need (on one page); Todd on Torts book launch celebrated at Wynn Williams House; Young Lawyers meet the judiciary; Boosting your employability and earning potential; Bruce Stanley; Update from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives, Canterbury Southern Districts Branch; Saunders Robinson Brown "Working in the Community".

  • Canterbury Tales - June 2019

    5 June 2019 (PDF File, 2.6 MB)

    Tour of New Zealand; President's column; Human motivations, planning and investing; Catherine O'Connell: A Christchurch lawyer in Japan; Bell Gully UC Law School Moot Final; Update from the Nw Zealand Institute of Legal Executives, Canterbury Southern Districts Branch; 1959 Reunion; In-house: Greener on the other side?; When disaster strikes: How to avoid a nasty surprise; Legal profession well represented at Defence Employers breakfast.

  • Canterbury Tales - May 2019

    10 May 2019 (PDF File, 2.2 MB)

    Sue McCormack elected as Chancellor of University of Canterbury; President’s Column; Young Lawyers & Cambridge Partners Seminar ; Fear and greed: the enemies of good investing; South Canterbury Function; AML/CFT compliance: Emerging practical issues; Are you in this profession photo? We require your name.

  • Canterbury Tales - April 2019

    3 April 2019 (PDF File, 3.2 MB)

    What it means to be a Muslim New Zealander in 2019; President's Column; The seven hats of financial advisers; Young lawyers hit the green; Launch of Portia; Congratulations to James Rapley QC and James Wilding QC; Seeds: A Canterbury podcast; Closing or merging a practice; Craig Fletcher: lawyer, advocate, decent bloke; Update from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives.

  • Canterbury Tales - March 2019

    8 March 2019 (PDF File, 2.4 MB)

    Simon Mortlock appointed MNZM; President's column; Leaders Eat Last; Kane Smith; The Importance of Building Relationships; South Canterbury lawyers' function; Library News; The AML/CFT regime and some miscellaneous issues; Guide for Lawyers advising overseas persons investing in New Zealand assets; Hunter Cup.

  • Canterbury Tales - February 2019

    21 February 2019 (PDF File, 4.7 MB)

    Judicial welcomes, farewells and promotions; President's Column; Minister of Commerce, Kris Faafoi, meets with local lawyers; Is your will relevant?; Obiter by Eason; Wine trail for Young Lawyers; Photos from Judge Emma Smith's Farewell; The swearing in of Associate Judge Lester; Final sitting of Judge Robert Murfitt; Wine Options and Quiz Evening.

  • Canterbury Tales - December 2018

    21 February 2019 (PDF File, 6.5 MB)

    We have turned 150 and we celebrated; President's Column; Has 2018 been your shortest year ever?; Photo of the profession; Making it easy to accept credit card payments; South Island Devil's Own Golf Tournament.

  • Canterbury Tales - November 2018

    14 November 2018 (PDF File, 3.0 MB)

    President's column; Gold Medals; Christchurch law firm honoured by United Nations; Your early money messages; New project for disadvantaged city youth; Gateway Assessment Programme contributing to a brighter future for young people; Sentence review; Collaborative practice training; Are you happy at work?; Wynn Williams Consultant Andrew Young retires after 46 years with the firm.

  • Canterbury Tales - October 2018

    31 October 2018 (PDF File, 3.9 MB)

    Canterbury-Westland Young Lawyers meet the Judiciary; President's Column; Are higher excesses right for you?; Keen v Legal; Last Change 150th Anniversary; Compulsion of Client Information and Responding to a Search Warrant — Part 2; News from the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives Canterbury-Westland Branch; NZ Opera; Shoot for the stars: Assuming the mantle; Education; Your Branch Council.

  • Canterbury Tales - September 2018

    30 August 2018 (PDF File, 3.8 MB)

    Outstanding response for tickets for 150 Year Celebrations; President's Column; Obiter by Eason; What makes you happiest?; Katie Cowan and Learn Law Life; Courtesy of the bar; Checklist for practices considering opening a trust account; Compulsion of Client Information and Responding to a Search Warrant — Part One.

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