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Branch history

Hawke's Bay Presidents, 1886 -

Presidents of the Hawke's Bay District Law Society (18 February 1886 to 31 January 2009) and the Hawke's Bay branch of the New Zealand Law Society (1 February 2009):

1886-87John Nathaniel Wilson1953-54JH Holderness
1887-88John Nathaniel Wilson1954-55JH Holderness
1888-89John Nathaniel Wilson1955-56Hallam W Dowling
1889-90John Nathaniel Wilson1956-57Hallam W Dowling
1890-91John Nathaniel Wilson1957-58J Tattersall
1891-92John Nathaniel Wilson1958-59J Tattersall
1892-93Arthur James Cotterill1959-60WA McLeod
1893-94James Wren Carlile1960-61WA McLeod
1894-95Henry Arthur Cornford1961-62KU McKay
1895-96George Edward Sainsbury1962-63KU McKay
1896-97Patrick Stirling McLean1963-64Gordon Ellis Bisson
1897-98Francis Logan1964-65Gordon Ellis Bisson
1898-99Edward Heathcote Williams1965-66John Herman von Dadelszen
1899-00Herbert Humphries1966-67John Herman von Dadelszen
1900-01H Burnett1967-68George C Doole
1901-02W Dinwiddie1968-69George C Doole
1902-03Charles Dugald Kennedy1969-70Lawrence Milne Smith
1903-04Hugh Butler Lusk1970-71Lawrence Milne Smith
1904-05Henry Arthur Cornford1971-72Noel Joseph Toomey
1905-06Patrick Stirling McLean1972-73Noel Joseph Toomey
1906-07Edward Heathcote Williams1973-74Bernard Stuart Devine
1907-08Francis Logan1974-75Bernard Stuart Devine
1908-09Henry Arthur Cornford1975-76Adam Keith Monagan
1909-10AB Campbell1976-77Adam Keith Monagan
1910-11Hugh Butler Lusk1977-78Peter Morrison MacCallum
1911-12Charles Dugald Kennedy1978-79Peter Morrison MacCallum
1912-13Wilfred Cotton Sproule1979-80Rodney Gerald Gallen
1913-14WG Wood1980-81Graham Mitchell Cowley
1914-15Henry Arthur Cornford1981-82Paul von Dadelszen
1915-16Patrick Stirling McLean1982-83James Daniel Donovan
1916-17Edward Heathcote Williams1983-84Timothy George Twist
1917-18AB Campbell1984-85Timothy George Twist
1918-19Wilfred Cotton Sproule1985-86Terence Roy Peach
1919-20Hugh Butler Lusk1986-87Terence Roy Peach
1920-21Edward Joseph Whebby Hallett1987-88Lester Hugh Chisholm
1921-22ML Gleeson1988-89Lester Hugh Chisholm
1922-23TB McNeil1989-90Lester Hugh Chisholm
1923-24Francis Logan1990-91John Patrick Matthews
1924-25H Holderness1991-92John Patrick Matthews
1925-26EM Sladden1992-93Andrew Morrison
1926-27C Duff1993-94Andrew Morrison
1927-28Hugh Butler Lusk1994-95Anthony P (Tony) Walsh
1928-29Hugh Butler Lusk1995-96Anthony P (Tony) Walsh
1929-30Hugh Butler Lusk1996-97Peter Headifen
1930-31Hugh Butler Lusk1997-98Peter Headifen
1931-32Hugh Butler Lusk1998-99William (Bill) Calver
1932-33Hugh Butler Lusk1999-00Nevin Dawson
1933-34Hugh Butler Lusk2000-01Nevin Dawson
1934-35Hugh Butler Lusk2001-02Jacqui Gray
1935-36Hugh Butler Lusk2002-03Jacqui Gray
1936-37Hugh Butler Lusk2003-04Stuart John Webster
1937-38Hugh Butler Lusk2004-05Stuart John Webster
1938-39Hugh Butler Lusk2005-06Bruce William Gilmour
1939-40Hugh Butler Lusk2006-07Bruce William Gilmour
1940-41Hugh Butler Lusk2007-08Michael Morgan
1941-42Hugh Butler Lusk2008-09Michael Morgan
1942-43Hugh Butler Lusk2009-10Ingrid Pamela Squire
1943-44Hugh Butler Lusk2010-11Ingrid Pamela Squire
1944-45EJW Hallett2011-12Jonathan Grant Krebs
1945-46MR Grant2012-13Jonathan Grant Krebs
1946-47William George Wood2013-14Carol Denise Hall
1947-48AE Lawry2014-15Carol Denise Hall
1948-49AE Lawry2015-16Alison Claire Souness
1949-50JH Holderness2016-17Alison Claire Souness
1950-51JH Holderness2017-18Maria Christine Hamilton
1951-52LW Willis2018-19Maria Christine Hamilton
1952-53LW Willis2019-20Darren Edward Foster

The first Hawke's Bay lawyers

The first lawyer in the region was John Nathaniel Wilson. He was born in England in 1822 and settled in Napier in the late 1850s. An advertisement in the Hawke's Bay Herald on 29 October 1859 shows he was practising from an office in Shakespeare Road. Wilson became Crown Prosecutor in 1860 and Hawke's Bay Provincial Solicitor in 1861. Perhaps fittingly, he was elected the first President of the Hawke's Bay District Law Society when it was formed in 1886. After returning to England in 1891 Wilson died on 14 November 1895 aged 73.

By 1872 there were at least four lawyers in Napier: Wilson, George Edmund Lee (who commenced practice there on 26 September 1864), Joshua Cuff (in practice in late 1866), H McIntyre, and Silas J Stedman (from 18 November 1869).

The first Hawke's Bay lawyers to practise in locations outside Napier were Duncan Guy (who began in Waipawa in 1879), EH Williams (who started practice in Hastings on 10 March 1884), HA Bamford and JJ Patterson (who were practising in Dannevirke in the 1890s), and RD Florance (practising in Woodville by February 1886).

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