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Branch history

Marlborough Presidents 1956 -

The Marlborough District Law Society was founded on 6 June 1882. Early records are unavailable. Presidents of the Marlborough District Law Society (from 1956 until 31 January 2009) and the Marlborough branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009).

1956-57F Noble-Adams1988-89Richard Wilkes
1957-58F Noble-Adams1989-90Peter Radich
1958-59FW Horton1990-91Peter Radich
1959-60FW Horton1991-92Brian Patrick Dwyer
1960-61AC Nathan1992-93David William Richard Dew
1961-62AC Nathan1993-94David William Richard Dew
1962-63Fergus Paterson1994-95Anthony J (Tony) Hill
1963-64Fergus Paterson1995-96Anthony J (Tony) Hill
1964-65MH Wisheart1996-97Allan Naysmith
1965-66MH Wisheart1997-98Allan Naysmith
1966-67John Halford Walton1998-99Ronald David (Ron) Crosby
1967-68John Halford Walton1999-00Ronald David (Ron) Crosby
1968-69Peter Colin MacNab2000-01Ronald David (Ron) Crosby
1969-70Peter Colin MacNab2001-02Michael Turner
1970-71Arthur Gordon Wicks2002-03Murray Hunt
1971-72Arthur Gordon Wicks2003-04Murray Hunt
1972-73Mervyn William Wisheart2004-05Brian Anderson Fletcher
1973-74Mervyn William Wisheart2005-06Brian Anderson Fletcher
1974-75Richard Douglas Rout2006-07David Clark
1975-76Douglas Lorimer Kidd2007-08David Clark
1976-77Douglas Lorimer Kidd2008-09Quentin Davies
1977-78Michael David Hill2009-10Quentin Davies
1978-79Michael David Hill2010-11Bryony Ann Millar
1979-80Walter Ross Inder2011-12Bryony Ann Millar
1980-81Walter Ross Inder2012-13Bryony Ann Millar
1981-82John Myers Lundon2013-14Bryony Ann Millar
1982-83John Myers Lundon2014-15Simon Francis Gaines
1983-84Job John Wain2015-16Simon Francis Gaines
1984-85Donald Charles Holden2016-17Simon Francis Gaines
1985-86Donald Charles Holden2017-18Simon Francis Gaines
1986-87Donald Charles Holden2018-19Kent David Arnott
1987-88Richard Wilkes2019-20Kent David Arnott

Last updated on the 21st June 2019