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Branch history

Southland Presidents, 1878 -

Presidents of the Southland District Law Society (21 December 1878 to 31 January 2009) and the Southland branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009):

1878-79Thomas Morell Macdonald1949-50HK Carswell
1879-80Thomas Morell Macdonald1950-51Geoffrey Charles Broughton
1880-81Thomas Morell Macdonald1951-52Charles Noel Bannerman French
1881-82Thomas Morell Macdonald1952-53Ian Angus Arthur
1882-83J Harvey1953-54John Walton Horworth
1883-84W Russell1954-55John Raymond Mills
1884-85FW Wade1955-56EHJ Preston
1885-86TP Finn1956-57HE Russell
1886-87E Tanner1957-58Robert Philip Humphries Hewat
1887-88E Tanner1958-59CA Bayley
1888-89J Harvey1959-60John Gee Grieve
1889-90Thomas Morell Macdonald1960-61John Gee Grieve
1890-91W Russell1961-62Allan Bevars Binnie
1891-92FW Wade1962-63Allan Bevars Binnie
1892-93RH Rattray1963-64Geoffrey Hall-Jones
1893-94J Harvey1964-65Geoffrey Hall-Jones
1894-95J Harvey1965-66I Hay
1895-96Thomas Morell Macdonald1966-67I Hay
1896-97Thomas Morell Macdonald1967-68Gordon Bruce Fea
1897-98WYH Hall1968-69Gordon Bruce Fea
1898-99JL McG Watson1969-70John Alexander Russell
1899-00JA Hanan1970-71John Alexander Russell
1900-01HA Macdonald1971-72Colin Campbell Fraser
1901-02CS Longuet1972-73Colin Campbell Fraser
1902-03W Macalister1973-74Graeme Stuart Noble
1903-04W Russell1974-75Graeme Stuart Noble
1904-05HA Macdonald1975-76Lynton Edwin Laing
1905-06RH Rattray1976-77Lynton Edwin Laing
1906-07AB Haggitt1977-78Warren Geoffrey Broughton
1907-08WYH Hall1978-79Warren Geoffrey Broughton
1908-09E Russell1979-80Peter Athol Low
1909-10DL Popplewell1980-81Peter Athol Low
1910-11WA Stout1981-82James (Jim) Spencer Mee
1911-12JL McG Watson1982-83James (Jim) Spencer Mee
1912-13JF Lillicrap1983-84Peter Mervyn Galt
1913-14J Harvey1984-85Peter Mervyn Galt
1914-15MW Macalister1985-86Thomas (Tom) McNeil Pryde
1915-16FG O'Beirne1986-87Thomas (Tom) McNeil Pryde
1916-17AB Haggitt1987-88John Gibson French
1917-18JF Lillicrap1988-89John Gibson French
1918-19JL McG Watson1989-90Kevin Edward Dell
1919-20J Robertson1990-91Kevin Edward Dell
1920-21WA Stout1991-92Christopher William Ward
1921-22WA Stout1992-93Christopher William Ward
1922-23SM Macalister1993-94Donald (Don) William Irvine
1923-24WG Tait1994-95Donald (Don) William Irvine
1924-25WG Tait1995-96Judith Eleanor Flett
1925-26E Russell1996-97Judith Eleanor Flett
1926-27AM Macdonald1997-98Paul Edwin Menzies
1927-28SV Raines1998-99Paul Edwin Menzies
1928-29J Tait1999-00Charles Edmond French
1929-30FG Hall-Jones2000-01Charles Edmond French
1930-31BW Hewat2001-02John Norman Philip Young
1931-32HJ Macalister2002-03John Norman Philip Young
1932-33GM Broughton2003-04Richard J Russell
1933-34AB Macalister2004-05Richard J Russell
1934-35JG Imlay2005-06Jeffrey Bernard Walker
1935-36JC Prain2006-07Jeffrey Bernard Walker
1936-37FG O'Beirne2007-08Paul Russell Adams
1937-38EHJ Preston2008-09Paul Russell Adams
1938-39MM Macdonald2009-10Fergus Charles Denis More
1939-40TR Pryde2010-11Fergus Charles Denis More
1940-41GW Reed2011-12Edgar James (Tegs) Burt
1941-42NL Watson2012-13Edgar James (Tegs) Burt
1942-43George Cooper Cruickshank2013-14William Noel Dawkins
1943-44HE Russell2014-15William Noel Dawkins
1944-45TV Mahoney2015-16Toni Maree Green
1945-46J Tait2016-17Toni Maree Green
1946-47LF Moller2017-18Malcolm John McKenzie
1947-48KG Roy2018-19Malcolm John McKenzie
1948-49Jack Hardy Bree Scholefield2019-20Janet Rosemary Copeland

Southland's first lawyers

Invercargill's first qualified legal practitioner was William Stuart. The New Zealand Law Society's centennial history, Portrait of a Profession (Wellington, 1969), says Stuart was born in Edinburgh in 1823, arrived in Otago in 1858 and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor at Dunedin in 1862. "Conveyances were prepared by the firm of Stuart and Hare as early as May 1861. Hare probably did not stay in Invercargill very long, because when the Supreme Court records commenced in June 1863 Stuart was in partnership with one James Harvey, who opened an office in Invercargill on the site of the present Town Hall in August 1862. Harvey was born in Scotland in 1836 and like Stuart read law at Edinburgh University. He arrived in Auckland about 1861, and shortly afterwards went south to Invercargill, there to serve for over fifty years in his profession, serving as Southland District Law Society President several times. He was a member of the Provincial Council and at one time Provincial Solicitor." (page 352).

The first President of the Southland Law Society, Thomas Morell Macdonald (1835-1909), was born in Samoa, the son of a medical missionary. Educated in England he was articled in Auckland to Frederick Whitaker, admitted to the Bar in 1861, and in 1862 set up in practice in Invercargill. Soon afterwards he entered into partnership with William Russell. Macdonald was Provincial Solicitor from 1863 to 1867 and from 1864 until his death in 1909 was Crown Solicitor.

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