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Southland New and Young Practitioners

The Southland New and Young Practitioners group organises functions and activities for new lawyers in the Southland branch area.

Further information is available from the President, Natalie McRae (

Southland lawyers - experience

The number of years in practice for the 141 lawyers who were practising in the Southland branch area at 16 December 2016 is shown as follows (proportion of total for each time period):

Years since admissionProportionProportion MenProportion Women
0 to 514.9%11.5%10.0%
6 to 1015.6%12.8%19.0%
11 to 2027.0%19.2%36.5%
21 to 3013.5%10.3%17.5%
31 to 4016.3%25.6%4.8%


Southland New and Young Practitioners Group member Jessica Watterson, Preston Russell Law.

Cruickshank Pryde Solicitor Nic Popham.

Last updated on the 23rd November 2017