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15 May 2018

Waikato Bay of Plenty Presidents, 1911 -

Presidents of the Hamilton District Law Society (8 December 1911 to 31 January 1989), Waikato Bay of Plenty District Law Society (1 February 1989 to 31 January 2009) and Waikato Bay of Plenty branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009). Titles and honours held while in office are included, and the holder of the office at the end of each year is shown:

1911A Swarbrick1965ID Mears
1912A Swarbrick1966ID Mears
1913A Swarbrick1967Arthur Grenville Ward
1914CL MacDiarmid1968Arthur Grenville Ward
1915HT Gillies1969David Lance Tompkins
1916A Swarbrick/EH Swarbrick1970David Lance Tompkins
1917CL MacDiarmid1971Jeffrey Taylor Dixon
1918HT Gillies1972Jeffrey Taylor Dixon
1919HT Gillies1973RA Houston
1920EH Northcroft1974RA Houston
1921EH Northcroft1975Alan Lough Hassall
1922CL MacDiarmid1976Alan Lough Hassall
1923CL MacDiarmid1977Barry John Paterson
1924PH Watts1978John Edward Shepherd Allen
1925PH Watts1979GJ Dennett
1926PH Watts1980Victor Ronald Jamieson
1927W Tudhope1981Keith William Tanner
1928W Tudhope1982Keith William Tanner
1929FA Swarbrick1983Stephen John Gordon Brooker
1930FA Swarbrick1984Stephen John Gordon Brooker
1931NS Johnson1985Robert Wilson
1932NS Johnson1986Robert Wilson
1933FA Swarbrick1987Warren John Scotter
1934FA Swarbrick1988Peter Joynt Parham
1935JF Strang1989Peter Joynt Parham
1936JF Strang1990John S Marshall
1937JF Strang1991Murray J Bindon
1938HJ McMullin1992Murray J Bindon
1939HJ McMullin1993Phil Gittos
1940HJ McMullin1994Christine Mary Grice
1941AL Tompkins1995Christine Mary Grice
1942HM Hammond1996John Gallie
1943HM Hammond1997John Gallie
1944AL Tompkins1998David Wilson QC
1945WC Tanner1999David Wilson QC
1946WC Tanner2000Phillip Morgan
1947EF Clayton-Greene2001Phillip Morgan
1948EF Clayton-Greene2002Christopher Michael Clews
1949WJ King2003Christopher Michael Clews
1950WJ King2004Warren Claude Pyke
1951GG Briggs2005Warren Claude Pyke
1952GG Briggs2006Liz Jamieson
1953R McCaw2007Jonathan Paul Temm
1954R McCaw2008Jonathan Paul Temm
1955FC Henry2009Michael McIvor
1956FC Henry2010Michael McIvor
1957HCM Norris2011Bruce James Hesketh
1958HCM Norris2012Bruce James Hesketh
1959JR Fitzgerald2013Bruce James Hesketh
1960JR Fitzgerald2014Kerry Burroughs
1961KL Sandford2015Kerry Burroughs
1962KL Sandford2016Kerry Burroughs
1963NI Smith2017Russell Paul Boot
1964NI Smith2018Russell Paul Boot

The first lawyers in the Waikato Bay of Plenty region

"In the early days practitioners came and went," says the New Zealand Law Society's history Portrait of a Profession (Reed, 1969) of the Waikato region. Among the first lawyers to settle in Hamilton were William McGregor Hay (who was reported as resident there in 1873), FA Whitaker, son of Sir Frederick Whitaker (practising from Ngaruawahia in April 1874), CE Madden (1874), W Leary (1874) and Lewis O'Neill (1874).

Portrait of a Profession says Hay was a "picturesque and choleric person" who dominated the local court. "On one occasion, feeling his opponent had insulted him, Hay smote him with his umbrella. Instead of being charged with contempt of court, he was privately condoled with by the Bench." (page 364).

Hay's health deteriorated and he employed a clerk Arthur Swarbrick. Swarbrick was admitted as a solicitor in 1889 and took over Hay's practice when he died in 1893. Two decades later Swarbrick was elected as the first President of the newly formed Hamilton District Law Society.

The first resident lawyer in Rotorua was F Rhodes. 

The first resident lawyers in Tauranga appear to have been WB Hawkins, who began practice as a barrister and solicitor in Harington Street in 1876 and OM Quintal, who was practising as a barrister from Harington Street in 1876. A report of the Resident Magistrates Court in the Bay of Plenty Times on 23 September 1876 shows that the two represented all who appeared in the court. Hawkins seems to have left the district after two years, but Quintal - by then a solicitor - was still practising in Tauranga in 1888. FW Brookfield, the eldest son of Auckland Crown Solicitor FMP Brookfield, practised as a solicitor in Tauranga from January 1877 to August 1878.

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