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15 May 2018

Wellington Presidents, 1879 -

Presidents of Wellington District Law Society (26 August 1879 to 31 January 2009) and the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009). Titles and honours held while in office are included. The President in office at the end of each year is shown:

1879Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1949WE Leicester
1880Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1950FC Spratt
1881Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1951CAL Treadwell
1882Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1952E Denis Blundell
1883Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1953EF Rothwell
1884Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1954Reginald Hardie Boys
1885Alfred de Bathe Brandon senior1955ETE Hogg
1886William Thomas Locke Travers1956LH Macarthur
1887William Thomas Locke Travers1957RLA Cresswell
1888Francis Henry Dillon Bell1958WR Birks
1889Francis Henry Dillon Bell1959CH Hain
1890WH Quick1960Herbert Richard Churton Wild QC
1891Martin Chapman1961John Charles White
1892Alfred de Bathe Brandon junior1962AE Hurley
1893Walter Scott Reid1963WG Smith
1894WB Edwards1964AR Cooper
1895TW Hislop1965FL Parkin
1896Alexander Gray1966Denis McGrath
1897Alfred de Bathe Brandon junior1967Richard Spence Volkmann Simpson
1898ETD Bell1968JR O'Regan
1899FM Ollivier1969WJ Kemp
1900JP Campbell1970Richard (Dick) Gray Collins
1901Thomas Frederick Martin1971Lester J Castle
1902Charles Perrin Skerrett1972JF Jeffries
1903EB Brown1973Richard Christopher Savage
1904Charles Bruce Morison1974Robert Denis Richmond
1905Andrew Agnew Stuart Menteath1975Maurice James O'Brien QC
1906Michael Myers1976PT Young
1907Ernest Frederick Hadfield1977Ian Lloyd McKay
1908Thomas Young1978MF Dunphy
1909AL Herdman1979Michael Hardie Boys
1910Edward Stafford1980Anthony Arthur Travers Ellis
1911LOH Tripp1981Brinsley Donald Inglis QC
1912John William Salmond KC1982JW Gendall
1913Charles Bruce Morison KC1983Bruce E Buckton
1914Charles Herbert Treadwell1984Richard Alexander Heron
1915HF von Haast1985Daniel Paul Neazor QC
1916Oswald N Beere1986David Eaton Hurley
1917Archibald William Blair1987Peter Edward Martyn
1918Hon Sir John Findley KC1988Michael Camp
1919Phineas Levi1989Sandra Mary Moran
1920Edmund Percy Bunny1990Des Deacon
1921Humphrey Francis O'Leary1991Jock Nicholson
1922Martin Maxwell Fleming Luckie1992Peter Connor
1923William Perry1993Peter Jenkin QC
1924Michael Myers KC1994Wayne Chapman
1925Robert Kennedy1995Gary Laurence Turkington
1926AW Blair1996Kenneth Gordon (Ken) Stone
1927HH Cornish1997Kathleen Anne Stringfellow
1928HF Johnston1998Nicola Mathers
1929CG White1999David Edward Murphy
1930Andrew A Wylie2000Geraldine Ann Baumann
1931HE Anderson2001David Collins
1932GGG Watson2002Ann Wilson
1933Ernest Peterson Hay2003John Livingston Marshall
1934TCA Hislop2004Pamela Su-ling Davidson
1935William Henry Cunningham2005Pamela Su-ling Davidson
1936David Perry2006David Edward Murphy
1937DR Richmond2007Richard James Buxton Fowler
1938Philip Brunskill Cooke KC2008Richard James Buxton Fowler
1939AT Young2009Lance H Prattley
1940SJ Castle2010Nerissa Mary Barber
1941DGB Morison2011Nerissa Mary Barber
1942Allan Bruce Buxton2012Mark Vincent Wilton
1943Timothy Patrick Cleary2013Mark Vincent Wilton
1944AM Cousins2014Nerissa Mary Barber
1945Hugh Roland Biss2015Nerissa Mary Barber
1946William Perry Shorland2016David Peter Dunbar
1947JRE Bennett2017David Peter Dunbar
1948GC Phillips2018David Peter Dunbar

The Last Resort Golf Tournament

Wairarapa lawyers who play golf have an annual tournament called the Last Resort. The origin of this was summarised in an article in the Wellington District Law Society's monthly newsletter Council Brief:

"The Last Resort golf tournament was devised and conceived by the late Brian Blackwood and Neville Jaine (as they then were).

"The first Last Resort golf tournament took place in 1968. Messrs Blackwood and Jaine were apparently travelling home to the Wairarapa after competing in the Devil's Own tournament in Palmerston North. They were bemoaning the fact that they had once again failed to make the cut and were returning home without any silverware for the cabinet. They thought that there should be one last chance in the legal golfing calendar for all golfers (like them) so the Last Resort tournament was born."

Council Brief, December 2003, page 5.

Last updated on the 17th October 2018