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Council Brief

  • Council Brief - March 2016

    17 March 2016 (PDF File, 5.6 MB)

    Lively start to the year with farewell to Judge Moss; Survey suggests broad satisfaction with Society as well as pointers to the future; New library assistant and upgraded equipment; ‘Hurricane Stacey’ – inspiring lawyers to undertake pro bono work; Practitioners gather to farewell to Judge Jill Moss; New convenor for Young Lawyers committee; Naming your rapist on social media; ‘How to be an obscenely rich lawyer’; Lawyers world cup cricket helps international understanding.

  • Council Brief - February 2016

    17 February 2016 (PDF File, 5.8 MB)

    Refreshed and ready to go in 2016; Expressions of interest for Wellington Vice-President New Zealand Law Society; Stacey Shortall to speak on ‘The benefits of pro bono work for you and your firm’; High Court security change and Library; Rhyme an option in less taxing times; Admissions; Tony Garstang – ‘I see myself as a country boy…’; Returning offenders legislation.

  • Council Brief - December 2015

    8 December 2015 (PDF File, 4.3 MB)

    Timely reminder that season can be stressful for some; Women lawyers of influence; ‘Courtesy and respect for all court users’ – the etiquette of the courtroom; Library News; ‘Smurfing’ and laundering – lawyers’ responsibilities and shady money; Presentation of Hon Rex Mason prize for excellence in legal writing; Could we be doing more? New Zealand’s response to the refugee crisis; Paddy Steele – a long and satisfying career in the law; Colourful judge from Wellington’s past recalled by chance discovery; Changes to the Family Court – family dispute resolution mediation.

  • Council Brief - November 2015

    13 November 2015 (PDF File, 3.8 MB)

    Branch Council undertakes strategic planning session; ‘Life on the bench’ – what is it really like?; Appointment of High Court Judge; Underbelly of migration; Where there’s a will, there could be a way round it; Parenting through separation – Community Law and Family Works; New requirements for law firms providing contributory mortgage lending services.

  • Council Brief - October 2015

    13 November 2015 (PDF File, 5.7 MB)

    Newly admitted members welcomed to the Law Society; Feminist Judgments Aotearoa Project; New Zealand’s first art-crime symposium; Collegiality and professional development under the Tuscan sun; Jock Nicolson – commercial practice, Law Society and music; Family violence and immigration status.

  • Council Brief - September 2015

    13 November 2015 (PDF File, 2.5 MB)

    October 2 Annual Dinner continues long tradition; Gender violence subject of 2015 Shirley Smith address; Wellington Library update; Property law reforms and recent cases of interest; Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 – Update.

  • Council Brief - August 2015

    13 November 2015 (PDF File, 4.9 MB)

    Stimulating committee events; NZLS Wellington Branch Committees 2015-16; Dame Silvia Cartwright to deliver Shirley Smith address; Coaching – what’s the hoo-ha all about?

  • Council Brief - July 2015

    1 August 2015 (PDF File, 5.4 MB)

    Endings and new beginnings; Make the best use of the Law Society’s website; Helping vulnerable families; Changing the Branch Council election term; John Marshall QC CNZM 12 September 1946-14 June 2015; John Hanning – exemplary lawyer and piper extraordinaire; Community Law Manual 2015-2016 just published; Human organ harvesting trade.

  • Council Brief - June 2015

    1 July 2015 (PDF File, 3.3 MB)

    Your chance to join a Branch committee; NZLS Inspector to retire; Law Commission review on national security information in court proceedings; Disaster Preparedness; Committees; Neil Gray – a long career in commercial law and interest in the arts; Concerns about tenancy conditions and how Community Law can help; Book review: Major change in NZ securities law interpreted for practitioners.

  • Council Brief - May 2015

    1 June 2015 (PDF File, 1.3 MB)

    Understanding the complaints process; The stress of receiving a complaint; Demystifying the art world – making contemporary art accessible; Judicial appointments of women – a UK approach; Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter – a career in constitutional law; Ponytail-gate: supporting low income workers who experience harassment and bullying.

  • Council Brief - April 2015

    13 May 2015 (PDF File, 1.8 MB)

    From the President; An overview of the CPD scheme; Useful tips on asking for / delegating legal research; The fate of the Internet – who is in control?; Law Society Cricket; Law Dean signs off, and memories of old Saigon; Smarter Scheduling in District Courts; Love online: advising victims of 'romance scams’; Professional development group for mid-career women lawyers.

  • Council Brief - March 2015

    13 May 2015 (PDF File, 1.4 MB)

    Emergency Planning; President’s Column; Library News; Drug testing in the workplace; Mooting competition opportunity for young women lawyers; An update to the legal profession from the Chief High Court Judge; Tour de France for the Benevolent Fund; Melton Prosser – ‘I loved every minute of it’; Pressure to justify the utility of legal education; Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley Restorative Justice.

  • Council Brief - February 2015

    16 February 2015 (PDF File, 1.5 MB)

    Serving their communities – lawyers do their bit; The Hon Rex Mason legal writing prize; A generous profession; Preserving our history – ideas and memorabilia; Glass half full? The law and the wine trade; Bill Sheat – a life in the law and the arts; How anti-terror laws promote homelessness in NZ.

  • Council Brief - December 2014

    15 December 2014 (PDF File, 1.5 MB)

    Insights from Committee convenors; YLC Comedy Debate; Practitioner’s daughter back to her creative self after battle with cancer; New Branch Council member – Mary More; ‘Taking the Plunge’ – following a different path; Chance for summer clerks to tour the Library; Preserving our history; How much is your practice worth?; A Tuscan adventure – conference in Italy; Women in Law is committee’s concern; Cheating, rushed law – another year goes by; Funding problem – fee-based work to support our free work; Guidance on ethical behaviour.

  • Council Brief - November 2014

    13 November 2014 (PDF File, 2.0 MB)

    Busy month for Council with progress on Benevolent Fund; Solicitors’ fund beneficiary ‘getting on with life’; Law and the health sector; Opportunities for training in use of Brookers/Westlaw NZ databases; Support for Asian law students; ‘Sports law’ is a surprisingly eclectic mix; Precious freedoms lost not easy to regain; Lag Law: a new book, a new 0800 number – and you?

Last updated on the 17th August 2015