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Council Brief

  • Council Brief - October 2014

    15 October 2014 (PDF File, 3.3 MB)

    Watching out for each other – ‘Practising Well’ and other matters; Changes in Horowhenua firm; ‘One of a kind’ Louise Elder – 13 August 1964 - 8 September 2014; Protecting the vulnerable in the 21st century; Prisoners, prisons and parole – the big question; Benevolent Fund; Limping towards constitutional change – view from the UK; Keep an eye out for new Te Ture Whenua Maori Bill.

  • Council Brief - September 2014

    17 September 2014 (PDF File, 2.1 MB)

    Council establishes priorities for coming year; Changes to the minimum service period for applications for summary judgment; Trust fund for children of passenger on Flight MH17; NZLS Wellington Branch Committees 2014-15; Shirley Smith Address; Some thoughts on justice from party spokespersons; The art world demystified – making contemporary art accessible; In praise of gossip; Lawyers needed to help out community groups; Lawyers helping to bring justice to Niue.

  • Council Brief - August 2014

    17 September 2014 (PDF File, 1.8 MB)

    Technological and societal change – effects on the profession; Hon Justice Susan Glazebrook DNZM – Shirley Smith presenter; LexisNexis drop-in training at the library; Reflections on human rights law, Euro-scepticism and constitutional process; Community Law Manual 2014-15: hot off the press.

  • Council Brief - July 2014

    24 July 2014 (PDF File, 1.4 MB)

    New President looks forward; Change of guard at Branch AGM; Useful guides to the libraries; Demystifying the art world – making contemporary art accessible; Defamation and the new media; Junior Practitioners’ Appellate Mooting Competition Final; Women at work – strategies for change; Getting to grips with the architect of ACC; Misgendering our transgender people; Masterton lawyer’s long walk for pleasure and purpose.

  • Council Brief - June 2014

    24 July 2014 (PDF File, 1.2 MB)

    Branch President signs off after two years; Wellington lawyer is president of Italian commerce chamber; Mason legal writing prize; Kathleen Anne Stringfellow – 30 December 1943-11 April 2014; Take a deep breath – professional development group for women in law; Former Young Lawyers convenor in Africa charity building project; More on professional legal education; Who can you turn to when you can’t help yourself? The growing need for Welfare Guardians.

  • Council Brief - May 2014

    28 May 2014 (PDF File, 1.2 MB)

    Vigorous debate on Intervention Rule; Peter McKnight and Ali Romanos on defamation and the new media; A ‘principled and compassionate’ lawyer – Keith Taylor Matthews – 14 July 1921-29 March 2014; Christchurch armed offenders squad takes on the mighty Wellington lawyers; Realities of markets and government contraints – the legal training conundrum; Local democracy at risk?; Right to withdraw property from sale by auction; The story of a migrant woman – the issues.

  • Council Brief - April 2014

    28 May 2014 (PDF File, 1.7 MB)

    'Practising Well’: Branch and wider Law Society can help; Electronic mail – e-brief and electronic voting; Branch committee runs debates on ethical issues; Miriam Menzies – 22 December 1955-16 February 2014; Common Law and our ‘cultural legacy’; Derrington, The Law of Liability Insurance – heavy lifting but worthwhile reading; Te Kooti Rangatahi: measuring ‘success’.

  • Council Brief - March 2014

    28 May 2014 (PDF File, 1.7 MB)

    Electronic voting is coming for Law Society elections; Wellington Branch Ethics Committee to hold debate; The responsibilities of practice: financial assurance and the lawyer; Parsons coffee shop yields to time – an era ends; The power of the media – making public perceptions; Maori Land: unlocking potential for your clients and for the future.

  • Council Brief - February 2014

    10 March 2014 (PDF File, 1.3 MB)

    New committee adds to vibrant Branch programme; Key issues for women in the legal profession; Lawyers without borders – a new global perspective; ‘Earth law’ conference for Wellington 2014; First ever admission ceremony conducted in te reo Ma-ori a ‘joyous occasion’; A long and rewarding career in the law; A shakey start, jargon, legal Latin and the bespoke LL.M.; Leaving a violent partner: immigration law and family violence.

  • Council Brief - December 2013

    12 December 2013 (PDF File, 1.5 MB)

    Looking back on busy year; CPD – looking forward not back; Nomination for Wellington Vice-President New Zealand Law Society; Independent Practitioners Committee – making learning fun; Sentencing advocacy competition decided; Practising Well; Respect for the rule of law to come in China?; The year in review; What’s going on with Wellington’s schools? Education Law and Community Law.

  • Council Brief - November 2013

    13 November 2013 (PDF File, 2.5 MB)

    Eventful month as CPD under way; NZ Bar Association/Young Lawyers’ Committee mooting competition; Electronic security screening for Porirua District Court; Women Queen’s Counsel: where are they?; Shrinking expenditure for law study; a Criminal Cases Review Commission?; Wellington lawyers prominent in 50th NZ Universities Law Review; Should schools punish students for cyberbullying outside school hours?; Masterton lawyer to spend summer walking the South Island leg of Te Araroa NZ trail.

  • Council Brief - October 2013

    13 November 2013 (PDF File, 3.0 MB)

    Convivial occasions and the start of CPD; Continuing Professional Development is here – Wellington Branch gears up: Vernon Henry Peters – 10 November 1928-9 August 2013; Inaugural Employment Law Bar Dinner for Wellington; Some reflections on the education of lawyers; Where are the senior women in the profession? – some myth busting; The future of restorative justice services in the Wellington region.

  • Council Brief - September 2013

    5 September 2013 (PDF File, 1.6 MB)

    A shakey month gives pause for thought; Get up and speak – advice to women litigators; New Council Members; Erika Kremic – 17 April 1925-6 August 2013; Enthusiastic response to Christian Lawyers’ midwinter dinner and debate; Crossing the threshold to partnership: what does it take and is it for you?; Enduring powers of attorney: preventing misuse and abuse; Books on floor and more as result of quake.

  • Council Brief - August 2013

    5 September 2013 (PDF File, 3.0 MB)

    Thoughts of collegiality amidst a shakey city; Wellington Law Revue is back! Tickets selling fast!; New Council Members; A very good day at the office; Using the Wellington High Court Library after regular hours; Random thoughts from abroad; What do family carers have to do with our constitution?

  • Council Brief - July 2013

    25 July 2013 (PDF File, 2.1 MB)

    Election of new Council the culmination of big month; Members’ opportunity to see inspirational film; Former judge recalls Beatrice Mtetwa; Gerald Wynter Blathwayt; Coming soon – ‘Another Good Day at the office!’; Annual bar dinner; How a Wellington lawyer went to China to teach English and law; Unearthing New Zealand’s constitutional traditions; Review of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993.

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