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Emergency preparedness

Emergencies and natural disasters that disrupt your business and threaten the wellbeing of your employees can take many forms.

Building fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages and storm events are some of the emergencies experienced by New Zealand business in recent years. Preparing before disaster strikes will allow your business to recover more quickly.

In this section you will find general information on planning and recovery, and specific information on preparing for earthquakes:

  • Planning for disaster 
    Health and safety, protecting documents, insurance and communications.
  • After a disaster 
    Effect on employees, damaged buildings, paying employees, and getting back to normal.
  • Earthquakes
    Know how safe your building is, plan what to do, and survival kits.
  • Further reading
    Articles and planning tools.

Taking time now to prepare in case of a natural disaster will save you and your employees significant difficulty in the event something catastrophic does occur. 

Last updated on the 10th August 2015