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Earthquake Resilience Programme

Wellington City Council is bringing together all of Council's officials dealing with Earthquake Prone Buildings under one Directorate with Mr Neville Brown, the Programme Director. It wants to provide an holistic approach to the strengthening of Earthquake Prone Buildings identified as earthquake prone, including Council's own suite of buildings . 

It is hoped that this one stop shop approach will assist building owners in the earthquake strengthening of their buildings.  Council wishes to get along side building owners early in the process and help them identify the best options for strengthening their buildings.  While it cannot offer financial assistance to owners of privately owned buildings, it does have expertise in this area that it can offer in assisting building owners.  It is lobbying Government, the banking sector and insurance companies to provide financial assistance to building owners with respect to their strengthening options.

It is also establishing a Body Corporate list as a conduit for networking with building owners and as a means of providing current advice on regulatory and other changes that may impact on the earthquake strengthening of their buildings.  The Council wishes to extend this network and include members of the Law Society and suggests members and their clients may benefit from the Earthquake Resilience Programme and offer of assistance.

If you would like further information with respect to the earthquake resilience programme please contact George Skimming, Senior Strategic Advisor, by email:

Last updated on the 6th July 2016