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Wellington District Court courtroom utilisation rates revealed

Courts Minister Chester Borrows has released information on utilisation of District Court courtrooms in the Law Society Wellington branch area.

Mr Borrows released utilisation rates for the 12 months ended 30 April 2012 in response to a parliamentary question for written answer from Labour justice spokesperson Charles Chauvel.

Mr Chauvel asked “What are the regional courtroom utilisation rates broken down by each District Court as at 30 April 2011?”

Mr Borrows response provided information for the year to 30 April 2012 (not 2011 as requested).

In his answer he stated that “courtroom utilisation” refers to the total number of days that all courtrooms were used over this period as a percentage of the total number of available days multiplied by the number of courtrooms.

“The overall courtroom utilisation rate for District Courts over this period was 54%,” he said. “District Court courtroom utilisation figures are not available for Christchurch. Since February 2011 figures have not been calculated for courts in and around Christchurch (Christchurch, Ashburton, Greymouth, Timaru, Westport and Rangiora/Kaikoura) due to the disruption to normal operations caused by the earthquake.”

Sittings for High Courts in combined High/District Court registries are not included in the figures. All days other than weekends and public holidays are counted as working days on which the court could sit.

The data shows that District Court courtroom utilisation in the Lower Hutt District Court (60%) was the best in the Southern Region, of which Wellington's courts are part. The overall utilisation rate for the Southern Region was 49%.

District Court courtroom utilisation, year ended 30 April 2012

Courtroom utilisation
Lower Hutt DC
Masterton DC
Porirua DC
Upper Hutt DC
Wellington DC

Last updated on the 6th July 2016