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Branch history

The Wanganui District Law Society was founded on 23 October 1913. Early records are not available. Presidents of the Wanganui District Law Society (from 1956 to 31 January 2009) and the Whanganui branch of the New Zealand Law Society (from 1 February 2009):

1956-57CN Armstrong1988-89Robert Wallis
1957-58CN Armstrong1989-90Phil Moran
1958-59CN Armstrong1990-91Garry Spooner
1959-60CN Armstrong1991-92Garry Spooner
1960-61DG Young1992-93Steve Taylor
1961-62WM Willis1993-94Max Restieaux
1962-63WM Willis1994-95Max Restieaux
1963-64PL Dickson1995-96David Woodbridge
1964-65PL Dickson1996-97David Woodbridge
1965-66AG Horsley1997-98John Tripe
1966-67AG Horsley1998-99J Terence Refoy-Butler
1967-68WG Clayton1999-00J Terence Refoy-Butler
1968-69WG Clayton2000-01Ian Burgess
1969-70JD Tizard2001-02Ian Burgess
1970-71JD Tizard2002-03Paul Coe
1971-72GS Swan2003-04Paul Coe
1972-73GS Swan2004-05Robert Maxwell Goldsbury
1973-74FF Latham2005-06Robert Maxwell Goldsbury
1974-75FF Latham2006-07James Coleman
1975-76GW Harvey2007-08James Coleman
1976-77GW Harvey2008-09Edward John (John) Unsworth
1977-78GW Harvey2009-10Edward John (John) Unsworth
1978-79DH Brown2010-11Edward John (John) Unsworth
1979-80CL Riddett2011-12Edward John (John) Unsworth
1980-81CL Riddett2012-13Kathryn Nancy Crooks
1981-82PM Hankins2013-14Kathryn Nancy Crooks
1982-83PM Hankins2014-15Mark John Bullock
1983-84D Rhys Barker2015-16Mark John Bullock
1984-85D Rhys Barker2016-17Harold Mallalieu
1985-86John G Rowan2017-18Mark John Bullock
1986-87John G Rowan2018-19Mark John Bullock
1987-88Robert Wallis2019-20Robert Maxwell Goldsbury

Last updated on the 21st June 2019