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Defendant criticised for not taking up recommendation of mediation

The British Court of Appeal criticised a defendant for not taking up fellow appeal judge’s recommendation of mediation.

In the case Ali Ghaith v - Indesit Co UK CoA Judge Lord Justice Longmore reiterated the April 2012 decision of the United Kingdom Court that any claim for less than £100,000 would be the subject of compulsory mediation.

The Law Society Gazette reported LJ Longmore’s endorsement of mediation was backed by another member of the Court of Appeal panel, Lord Justice Ward, who said that ‘if [both parties] have any sense, they will heed a recommendation to mediate’.

LJ Ward explained that the mediator had a ‘canny knack of transforming the intractable into the possible’ and that mediation should not be spurned when it is offered.

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Read the full case: Ali Ghaith v - Indesit Co UK.


Last updated on the 3rd June 2015