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22 November 2013

In 2014 Auckland will offer 50 different electives for students who have completed the compulsory courses, 20 in corporate and commercial law alone. It is a function of the strength of our faculty and the depth and breadth of our specialisations that we can offer many more papers than any other New Zealand law school.

We also have the most extensive postgraduate programme with substantially more graduate students than all the other law schools combined.

The competition for places at the Auckland Law School is severe. We have higher entry standards for our degrees than any other New Zealand law school with just 20 to 25% of our first-year cohort admitted into second-year law.

This means that our graduates are highly sought after. Whatever measuring stick is employed – positions in law firms, as judges’ clerks, or winning scholarships to top universities overseas – Auckland law students fare extremely well.

In the last two years Auckland has made eight new full-time appointments. Four of these are in corporate and commercial law, including two new chairs.

The size and strength of our academic staff means that we have real depth in all areas. Auckland academics have won the best book and best article prizes awarded by the Legal Research Foundation for both of the last two years. We have national research centres of environmental law and business law and last year established the New Zealand Centre of Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice.

The Auckland Law School has been working to increase the range of opportunities we offer our students. We have a well-established community placement scheme and our Human Rights Law Centre is establishing a clinical legal education programme for students interested in working in teams alongside community organisations and iwi.

Over 100 students take part in the Law School’s Equal Justice Project each year, working with law firms and community law centres to provide pro bono assistance. This year our students helped with cases brought to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. They presented oral submissions before parliamentary select committees, delivered over 25 workshops for school students around Auckland, and provided hundreds of hours of service at Community Law Centres in Waitakere and Mangere.

We have strong international links and have been steadily increasing the number of students we send on exchange programmes to other top law schools. Twenty percent of our final year students are now able to take up the opportunity to spend a semester abroad and to deepen their understanding of the law and legal practice in other jurisdictions.

The Auckland Law School has recently agreed student exchanges with six of the very best law schools in China, including Peking and Tsinghua, the two most renowned universities. We will be offering fully funded scholarships for the students who participate, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to learn about Chinese law and practice at the very best Chinese law schools.

Auckland has been increasing the range of opportunities for our students to take part in competitions with other top law schools. The results have been outstanding. Auckland students reached the grand finals of the most recent World Human Rights Mooting Championship in Pretoria and the International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris. In August this year they won four of the five competitions at the New Zealand Law Students’ Association Championships and were runners-up in the fifth.

The strengths of the Auckland Law School mean that every year it is ranked one of the best law schools in the world in the prestigious QS World Universities Rankings.

Last updated on the 17th March 2016