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Giving evidence

All sorts of court cases can require people to give evidence as a witness to help establish the truth of the claims being made. This guide answers some questions about being a witness and outlines some of the extra rights that victims have.

This guide covers:

  • What does a witness do?
  • What if I don’t want to be a witness?
  • How should I prepare for court?
  • Where do I go when I arrive at the court?
  • Can I watch the case?
  • How will I know when to give my evidence?
  • What if I know a juror?
  • What happens in the witness box?
  • When giving evidence
  • Are there special rules for child witnesses?
  • Can the media report my evidence?
  • Could I have to give evidence more than once?
  • What happens after I’ve given evidence?
  • What happens when the verdict is given?
  • What happens at sentencing
  • Are youth courts different?
  • Who is classed as a victim?
  • What are the special rights for victims?
  • Can victims influence the sentence?
  • Other rights for victims


Last updated on the 1st December 2018