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Powers of attorney

What do you do if you want someone to help look after your affairs? What if you become unable to look after yourself or make decisions about your own affairs? Who can make decisions about your welfare and who can deal with your property, operate your bank accounts, pay your bills?

This guide covers:

  • What is an enduring power of attorney (EPA)?
  • Why do you need an EPA?
  • What are the alternatives to an EPA?
  • Who can sign an EPA?
  • When does the EPA take effect?
  • When does the EPA cease to apply?
  • Who should I appoint?
  • When and how do you go about making an EPA?
  • Can I add conditions or give directions?
  • Is this the same as my will or a living will?
  • Will an EPA made overseas work in New Zealand?
  • Can someone with an intellectual disability sign an EPA?
  • Glossary – a few definitions
  • What does it cost?

Last updated on the 1st December 2018