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NZ scores well in Open Data Barometer

New Zealand has been ranked fourth equal in the world on the Open Data Global Barometer for availability of public data.

The Open Data Barometer is produced by the charitable World Wide Web Foundation. Established in 2009 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and with offices in Switzerland, United States and South Africa, it aspires to an open web which is available, visible and valuable for everyone. 

The Barometer is constructed through survey research, technical assessments of data supply, and secondary data. It scores countries on readiness to secure benefits from open data, implementation of open data practice, and impacts of open data.

New Zealand is ranked in the top, High-capacity, group. Countries in this group have established open data policies, generally with strong political backing. They have extended a culture of open data out beyond a single government department, with open data practices adopted in different government agencies, and increasingly at a local government level.

Open Data Barometer: Top 10 rankings

Country 2015 Rank 2013 Rank
United Kingdom 1 1
United States 2 2
Sweden 3 3
New Zealand 4 4
France 4 10
Netherlands 6 10
Canada 7 8
Norway 7 5
Denmark 9 5
Australia 10 7

Last updated on the 16th September 2019