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ASaTS Landonline project gets go-ahead

25 October 2018

The Cabinet has approved Land Information New Zealand's business case for the ASaTS project to modernise the Landonline platform.

LINZ chief executive Lisa Barrett says the decision follows five years of LINZ thoroughly exploring options and consulting with stakeholders, before recommending rebuilding Landonline as the best option.

“Progressively rebuilding Landonline will not only provide enhanced services for LINZ  customers but also continuity.  Customers have been waiting a long time for new functionality to make their jobs easier so this is great news," she says.

The Landonline platform is now 20 years old and LINZ says it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and enhance.

LINZ says it will progressively rebuild Landonline in stages over five years, allowing changes in customer and government needs to be incorporated throughout the programme.

Details of the planned rebuild show that the programme will use Scaled Agile development and will be delivered using NZ ICT resources.

Planned first stage deliverables

By the end of the first stage (mid 2020), LINZ says the following new services will be in place:

  • Web-based search – this will give New Zealanders the real-time ability to search for and purchase products such as Certificate of Titles and Survey plans, directly from the LINZ website.
  • Search API (Application Programming Interface) – this will enable others to connect their websites and software directly to Landonline to search and purchase products.
  • Notice of sale – this gives conveyancing professionals the ability to automatically notify territorial authorities that a sale has occurred when they have transferred a title in Landonline.
  • Notice to mortgagee – this is the ability for banks/lenders to receive automated system notification when mortgages are registered.

LINZ says the programme to progressively rebuild Landonline will be complete in 2024.

Chequered history

The ASaTS project has had a chequered history. In April 2016 LINZ sought expressions of interest from vendors interested in providing solutions. LINZ said then that the new system was expected to be in place by 2021.

Planning began in 2013 when an Indicative Business Case was approved by Cabinet in November. Cabinet improved a Detailed Business Case on the preferred option in November 2015, and Cabinet approved an "as a service" approach for delivery in 2016.

The "as a service" model approved in 2016 meant that instead of paying a vendor to build a system that LINZ then owned, it would select a vendor that could deliver a suitable system that it paid to use - similar to renting. LINZ would still own property data.

It now appears that LINZ will not be pursuing the "as a service" approach, with its announcement that it will be delivered using NZ ICT resources.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019