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Best practice developed for safety of law students in law firms

11 December 2018

The Deans of New Zealand's six law schools have developed a set of best practice standards for a safe and appropriate culture and environment for law students employed in law firms.

The standards set five different expectations of law firms. The standards reflect the overriding expectation that law students are always treated appropriately, including not being subjected to harassment (including bullying, harassment and sexual harassment).

The Deans say that law firms are expected to provide support for law students who encounter such difficulties in summer clerkships, internships and work experience placements.

The law firms will be asked to commit to the best practice standards and to provide a brief report to the Deans at the start of each new academic year on how they are meeting them.

The Deans will regularly survey students who have undertaken summer clerkships, internships and work experience and will discuss the results with the law firms.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019