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Bill empowers delegation between parliamentary agency staff

01 August 2019

The Minister of Ministerial Services, Chris Hipkins, has introduced the Parliamentary Agencies Delegations Legislation Bill to Parliament.

An omnibus bill, it amends the Clerk of the House of Representatives Act 1988 and the Parliamentary Service Act 2000.

The bill policy statement says the parliamentary agencies want to implement closer working arrangements to ensure that the functions and services performed by each agency are aligned as closely as possible, and that duplication is minimised. In doing so, they want to share a number of services.

To enable this to occur, the two Acts need to be amended to empower delegation between the agencies' staff. The amendments are intended to reflect the changes made to the State Sector Act 1988 in 2013 to continue the existing alignment between the Parliamentary Service Act 2000, the Clerk of the House of Representatives Act 1988, and the State Sector Act 1988 in respect of employment matters.

The legislation would come into force on the day after the date of Royal assent.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019