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Breaking up is hard to do and financially more crippling for women

19 April 2018

New research by AUT senior lecturer Michael Fletcher shows women are hit the hardest financially compared to men following a relationship break up.

The report entitled 'An Investigation into aspects of the economic consequences of marital separation among New Zealand parents' is considered a world first.

His study aims to provide answer to three questions:

1) What are the short to medium term economic impacts of marital separation for the New Zealand men and women with dependent children?

2) How do economic outcomes compare for ex-partners?

3) What are the likely impacts of the new liability assessment formula in the Child Support Amendment Act 2013 on child support payments and receipts?

Dr Fletcher's research shows 62% of men were better off in relation to income while 38% experienced a decline. However among women, just 27 % were better off and 73% had a lower income in 2010 compared to 2008.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019