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Commission releases business mobile research

31 March 2016

The Commerce Commission has released independent research which it says is aimed at providing greater insight into the factors affecting competition in the high value business segment of the mobile market.

The research, undertaken by UMR Research, is summarised in Competition for Business Customers in the Mobile Industry: A Report for the Commerce Commission.

The Commission says part of its role under the Telecommunications Act 2001 is to monitor the performance and development of telecommunications markets. Three mobile network operators - Vodafone, Spark and 2Degrees - currently served around 95% of the business mobile market between them.

UMR surveyed businesses in New Zealand to gain more detail on whether there are any barriers impeding competition for market share.

It found that respondents believed the business mobile market was competitive compared to other industries. The majority of businesses surveyed were satisfied with their main mobile provider and only a small proportion was actively looking to switch or would consider doing so when their contract was up.

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