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Commissioner amends three privacy codes

01 September 2017

The Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has issued amendments to the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 (Amendment No 9), the Telecommunications Information Privacy Code 2003 (Amendment No 6) and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 (Amendment No 11). Mr Edwards says the amendments are necessary in light of reforms made by the Intelligence and Security Act 2017.   

Section 315 of the Intelligence and Security Act amends section 57 of the Privacy Act so that the current exemption intelligence and security agencies have from complying with principle 11 will no longer apply. 

Section 314 of the Intelligence and Security Act amends principle 11 of the Privacy Act, and adds a new exception to provide for voluntary disclosures of personal information to the intelligence and security agencies. 

Amendments to the Privacy Act and the privacy codes will take effect from 28 September 2017.

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