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Community Magistrate fees to increase

12 November 2019

Fees payable to Community Magistrates will increase from 5 December 2019 when the Community Magistrates (Remuneration and Allowances) Order 2019 comes into force.

The order revokes and replaces the Community Magistrates (Remuneration and Allowances) Order 1998. It increases the daily fee payable to a Community Magistrate to $481. This is backdated to 5 November 2017.

The change in remuneration is a 5.75% increase on the maximum daily fee, which was increased in 2017 to $455. It also changes the way fees are calculated. Previously fees were paid at the rate of $14.21 for each quarter hour or part of a quarter hour during which a Community Magistrate attended court, but capped at $455 per day.

The new Order provides that the daily fee of $481 is payable for each day or part of day during which a Community Magistrate attends court. It also specifies additional circumstances in which the daily fee is payable to a Community Magistrate.

The Order also increases the types of out-of-pocket expenses for which Community Magistrates are entitled to be paid allowances. These now include an annual medical examination, a biennial eye examination and eye vision test, and professional counselling.

The change in fees does not apply to the Chief Community Magistrate, whose fees are determined by the Remuneration Authority.

Last updated on the 12th November 2019