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EQC announces drainage claim settlement plan

08 March 2016

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) says it is rolling out an assessment programme for Canterbury sewer and stormwater pipes suspected of having earthquake damage.

EQC says it has been some time since some drains were inspected and it has decided that all sewer and stormwater drains where owners have lodged a drainage claim which has not been settled yet, will be inspected whether an inspection has already been done or not.

"The commission has contracted some of Canterbury's largest drainlaying firms, all of which are licensed with the New Zealand Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board, to carry out the work at no cost to homeowners. These contractors are also Certifying Drainlayers, which is the highest qualification available," says Customer & Claims General Manager Trish Keith. 

"When inspecting the drains, the drainlayers will obtain a CCTV recording, identify the location and nature of any earthquake damage, recommend a repair strategy for any identified earthquake damage and provide an estimated cost of repair to EQC.

"Where earthquake damage is confirmed, EQC will determine a cash settlement on the basis of the repair strategy recommended by the drainlayer. The same process will apply for new claims lodged during 2016."

Ms Keith says EQC currently has about 2,500 drainage claims, but expects this could increase to about 6,000 with most claims being settled with cash payment.

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