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Flexible leave and work arrangements common, survey finds

28 March 2019

Statistics New Zealand says its latest business operations survey has found that 64% of responding businesses allowed employees to use personal sick leave, unpaid leave, or compassionate care leave to care for other people who are sick.

The sample survey reports on businesses with six or more employees. It found that the financial and insurance services industry had the largest proportion of businesses (79%) providing this type of leave arrangement.

However, just 10% of businesses overall offered childcare-related allowances or facilities. These were more prevalent in the education and training industry where they were provided by 35% of businesses.

Flexible start and finish times, and the option of part-time work were the more common types of flexible work arrangements offered by businesses.

Employment arrangements offered, Business Operations Survey 2018
Use personal sick leave, unpaid leave or care leave to care for other people who are sick64%
Able to buy extra annual leave or take leave wthout pay56%
Parental leave provisions in addition to statutory provisions20%
Childcare allowances or facilities10%
Flexible start and finish times57%
Option of part-time working53%
Option of shift work24%
Working from home23%
Job sharing21%

Last updated on the 16th September 2019